Mediterranean diet, and brain work – the latest reports


With age, the brain changes its structure and reduces its volume. It is a natural process associated with the aging of the body. However, the question arises whether there is a way to inhibit or at least slow down this process?


New research published on January 4 this year. in the American Academy of Neurology medical journal, they suggest that the Mediterranean diet can have a positive effect on the volume of the brain. Elderly people who used the Mediterranean diet for three years retained more brain volume compared to people who did not follow such recommendations.

In the M. Luciano et al. Study, information was collected on nutritional habits of 967 people aged around 70 years with no signs of dementia. In 562 respondents, after three years, a magnetic resonance imaging of the brain was performed, which gave an image of the total volume of the brain, the volume of the gray matter and the thickness of the cerebral cortex. Out of this group, 401 people returned after three years for a resonance imaging. Measurements were compared and correlated with data on compliance with nutritional assumptions characteristic of the Mediterranean diet.

The study showed that in people whose diet deviated from the Mediterranean diet to a greater extent, within 3 years, a significant reduction in the total brain volume was observed compared to the remaining subjects. It should be noted that when interpreting the results, the variability associated with other factors affecting the brain, such as age, education, diabetes and hypertension, was taken into account.

The results of the study and its conclusions are all the more interesting because they did not show the impact of higher fish consumption on red or white meat for better brain functioning, as the older publications say. M. Luciano commented on it as follows: It is possible that other components of the Mediterranean diet are responsible for this relationship, or it causes the whole diet . The author of the study suggests that diet can provide long-term protection for the brain, but further research is needed to confirm these conclusions.


The Mediterranean diet contains large amounts of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, beans, cereal grains, such as wheat and rice, moderate amounts of fish, dairy products, while it limits red meat and poultry. Regardless of the impact on the brain, we know that the food products that it contains have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, promotes the preservation of health, and combined with physical activity will help to lose unnecessary kilograms. The Vege diet model available on our platform is consistent with the assumptions of the Mediterranean diet, and additionally completely excludes meat which can give even better results in achieving health. Therefore, we encourage you to try this kind of diet and take care of health not only of the brain but also of the whole body.

Posted on: October 26, 2018

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