Lack of motivation for training – what to do?


The motivation for training reflects the true will to achieve the goal. If you want to have a muscular body, and you do not want to go to training – it means only one thing – you are lazy! Nothing comes in life alone, and if you want to be “someone,” you must do everything in your power to achieve it.

Regardless of whether your goal is to increase muscularity or to lose excess fat – motivation is necessary to achieve this. However, the first collision with reality can take place during the first day of training. Working on your own body is a long journey and the effects are not visible from day to day. If you want to be seen as a winner, you must be patient and very determined.

When are we losing motivation?

If you see your strength progress from training to training, and from week to week your weight goes to the right side – motivation for training and keeping the right diet is not a problem. Problems begin when the downtime occurs. Then you also lose the desire to train, and going to the gym becomes a compulsion.

However, lack of progress is not the only anti-motivator. Temporary lack of form, shame in front of more muscular colleagues, who exercise less, body fatigue and many other factors may affect this. Regardless of what makes you do not feel like training – you can not give up! Know that you can do whatever you want with your own body, your mind is the only obstacle!


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Check what motivates you to trainings.

There is no one motivating element that will work for everyone. Like many people in the world – so many different motivations can work for different people. If you do not know what could cause you to run for training, check what can be used as your pre-training motivator

A photo of a dream figure. Print and hang a photo of the silhouette you want to build on the wall. Each time you look at the wall – you will remember what your goal is.

Motivational videos. Statements of people who started from scratch and are world-famous bodybuilders show that you do not need to be born with a mesomorphic to have a muscular body. In addition, the statements of motivating coaches, with dynamic background music, will significantly improve your mood and remind you that your only laziness in achieving your goal is your laziness.

Your picture before you start working on your own body. If you do not look good – you do not like watching your own silhouette in the mirror. Consequently – you do not know how bad you look. As you progress, pin next photos on which you will see the difference. Remember – looking every day in the mirror you may think that there are no effects. Only the comparison of the figure before the start of training and the current look will show your progress

Music that has a stimulating effect (according to your preferences). Certainly you have met with people who have headphones on each ear during each workout. This is the best way to increase motivation during training. Regardless of whether it’s rap, techno or maybe rock – it’s important that this music gives you a “boost of energy”.

If you lack motivation – maybe a training partner will help you?

The right training partner can be an ideal motivator. Training with a person who shares your passion has two huge advantages. The first is the help that you can offer when you run out of energy. Another plus is contact and competition. Even if you do not feel like training, and you know that your partner will not let you go – you will not let go. Rivalry is the norm among men so you will not let your friend grow in your eyes when you stand still.


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Posted on: December 7, 2018

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