Is eating mushrooms safe?


Summer is mainly associated with the sun, beach, rest and trips.However, among the associations associated with this season, you can also mention some dishes, such as ice cream, forest fruit desserts or dishes with mushrooms.The latter often raise doubts.Some say that mushrooms are hard to digest and do not have a positive effect on our health, while others argue that eating them can have positive effects.It is worth considering which side is right.Do people who care about health and slim figure should give up eating mushrooms?

Nutrients contained in mushrooms

Mushrooms mainly consist of water, which makes up 80 to 90% of their volume.The rest are mainly proteins containing almost all amino acids needed for humans, including exogenous amino acids.The most valuable protein contains young mushrooms.Mushrooms and wild mushrooms deserve special attention.The fat content in mushrooms is from 2-10%.They are fats with high digestibility (from 92 to 97%).Mushrooms contain a few carbohydrates, but they are well absorbed.The mushrooms also contain vitamins and minerals.Of particular importance is vitamin B1, which is here no less than in cereal grains.The majority of vitamin B1 is provided by cocks, in which there is also a lot of vitamin A. The content of vitamin PP in mushrooms is similar to that of liver and yeast.Mushrooms also provide vitamins B2, D and C and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, iodine, manganese and zinc.Oyster mushrooms also contain BD-glucan.It is a chemical compound from the polysaccharide group that has anti-cancer activity.


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Hard to digest or not?

Mushrooms contain low in calories.Depending on the species, 100 grams are provided

  • mushrooms – 16 calories
  • porcini – 48 kcal
  • mollusks – 39 kcal
  • cocks – 42 kcal
  • riga – 44 kcal

Of course, this is the calorie content of fresh mushrooms, while dried mushrooms contain more calories, just as in the case of fruit.Why, then, the thesis about the severity of fungi?The main reason is the chitin contained in them.It is fiber, which is not digested in the digestive system, so it remains in it until the moment of expulsion from the body.Chitin also contains some vegetables.The problem with the digestion of fungi can increase if they are combined with alcohol.Alcohol cuts the fungal protein in the stomach, which makes it even less susceptible to digestive juices.Mushrooms should not be combined with other hard to digest products, such as beans or fried potatoes.It’s best to eat them cooked.You have to make sure that they are not raw in the middle, because the raw mushrooms contain harmful toxins.Due to the aforementioned retention in the digestive system, avoid eating mushrooms in the evening.


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Not for everyone

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to eat mushrooms.They should not eat children before the age of three and people who have experienced allergic reactions after eating mushrooms in the past.Mushrooms are also discouraged in the case of diseases of the digestive system, liver and kidneys.Particular care should be taken by the elderly.Of course, the most serious danger associated with fungi is poisoning, resulting from the mistaken consumption of poisonous species.Incorrect diagnosis of fungi even happens to experienced collectors.It is therefore important to be very careful when collecting mushrooms as well as when buying from street vendors.

In conclusion, mushroom lovers who want to stay healthy and slim, do not have to deny their favorite dishes.Mushrooms contain valuable nutrients for humans.The list of contraindications to eating them is short.Most people can afford to eat mushrooms, but in reasonable quantities and if properly prepared.The most important thing, however, is to make sure that you eat mushrooms of the edible species.


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Posted on: January 3, 2019

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