Is beer your fuel?


In that case, you are annoyed (or soon to begin) by a protruding belly, an indispensable companion of lovers of hop beverage.


Is the belly growing from drinking beer?
A pint of lager beer counts 245 calories, which is exactly as much as a pork chop in breadcrumbs fried in oil. A dark variation of a hopped beverage is even 300 calories per 0.5 liters. So the energy value of this alcohol is high. Is it the belly that grows from the beer? Yes, if you drink a can a day and even more on weekends. You can count it on eating an additional 10 pork chops per week. We do not consider beer to be a meal, so they are simply extra calories in our diet.

Under the influence of alcohol, no one manages to train, which is why the supplied energy is stored. Fat gain occurs already at eating these 245 calories a day more. On the other hand, fat tissue is the most difficult to get rid of just the abdomen, hence the term beer muscle. It is not true, however, that the hop beverage fills more than cakes or ice cream. No research confirmed this. It is assumed, however, that the supporters of this drink lead a sedentary lifestyle, eating chips, roasted peanuts, crisps, pizza, and sausage. It is the snacks that are usually the main culprits of the option on the stomach.

The effect of alcohol on weight gain
Each alcohol contains a lot of calories. For example, a glass of vodka is 110 kcal, white wine – 80 kcal, and cognac 160 kcal. Percentages increase your appetite, so when you eat them, you’ll be more likely to reach for snacks. The result is weight gain. The causal chain described does not apply to people addicted to alcohol – the stage of cachexia should be treated on different principles.

However, it can certainly be stated that alcohol is fat. It not only grows adipose tissue but also causes swelling. Water retention is a defensive reaction of the body to the supplied toxins and a lack of adequate fluid (alcohol dries). This process is easily observed the day after the event. The face is then usually swollen and you want to drink very much. People too often reaching for a pint, even when they are very slim, have a protruding stomach. The reason is not fat deposits, but internal organs diseases.

Alcohol is harmful, especially for the liver. Cirrhosis is manifested, inter alia, by ascites – a collection of fluid. In this case, it is necessary to ask the doctor for help, perform the necessary tests and take immediate treatment. The beer muscle, however, does not necessarily mean a sick liver, when you are sure that you do not eat excessive amounts of alcohol and fatty foods. You may find that you simply belong to skinny fati.e. skinny fat people. These people are characterized by low physical activity, irregular eating, a diet low in vitamins and microelements, but saturated with carbohydrates and sugars.

Abdominal obesity in men
Beer muscle is the domain of men. The hormonal balance of women fosters the development of pear-type obesity, i.e. the accumulation of excess fat on the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Gentlemen have naturally conditioned “apple” suits. In this variant, the centimeters grow the fastest in the abdominal area and on the chest. Abdominal obesity is dangerous because it is associated with the obesity of internal organs. provides a high risk of atherosclerosis, pancreatitis, liver disease, diabetes and premature death caused by a heart attack. The only non-invasive methods of treating abdominal obesity are cleansing the body of toxins, healthy diet and movement.
Is beer unhealthy?
Beer can have a positive effect on health if you reach for it occasionally. The main advantage of beer is the richness of macro and micronutrients. Hence the view of a marathon runner who, after reaching the finishing line, drinks a can of hot beverage. In this way, it quickly complements the shortages caused by intense physical effort. Another advantage of beer is filtering the kidneys. It works diuretic, so it helps to remove unnecessary products lying on this organ. The liquor is also rich in B group vitamins, zinc, and copper, which improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. To experience health impact, however, do not overdo it with the amount of beer consumed. One can per week or occasional sipping at social gatherings is enough.

Posted on: July 7, 2019

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