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This article aims to introduce you to the subject of slimming and improving your figure and overall health and physical condition. There will be no information about the menu, specific exercise programs and promises of success after 3 weeks of activity. The average man struggling with overweight (even lightweight), before he undertakes certain actions should be aware primarily of the hierarchy of proceedings in the field of weight loss. This fairly simple and accessible knowledge (at the basic level – still very effective) is unfortunately highly distorted and manipulated by the mass media. I am going to outline what really determines success in healthy weight loss leading to an attractive, rejuvenated silhouette. 


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Let’s start with what will certainly be the first to press the most on the lips – will special pills be enough, if the belts put on the stomach sending impulses to our body will compensate for our fat, do fitness flakes and recently advertised healthy, clean mineral water enough? This collection should definitely include all kinds of generally available diets for the masses. Their only assumption is a very small amount of calories, and the only correct statement is “the less you eat, the faster you lose weight. This is true, but the author of these diets will never reveal what will happen when the energy (calories) are significantly depleted and delivered to the body. Perceptible slowdown in metabolism, yo-yo effect, lack of energy to life, unwillingness to take the day, disappearance of women’s period, hormonal problems are only an introduction to what awaits us at the end of this path – and this is disappointment, failure and dozens of questions “how possible since NIC did not eat / eat). Let’s go to tablets, which according to the manufacturer in a month will allow us to get rid of bothersome bacon. What about them? These tablets, commonly referred to as fat burners, are nothing more than a combination of substances that, through appropriate training and nutrition, can slightly accelerate the fat burning effect. However, they still account for only about 5% of the effects. The supplement taken without proper training is completely useless. We come to special devices that we put on our body and sitting comfortably in an armchair we lose calories and we are enjoying the success that certainly awaits us. Unfortunately – the impulse sent to our body significantly – can cause muscle tension, however, the amount of calories that is burned during such an isolated interference in the muscle is negligible. In addition, fat burning is not possible at the point of the body we chose – any devices designed to shed unnecessary fat from a PARTICULATE part of the body are nothing more than feeding on the ignorance of consumers. 


You have already learned that there is nothing to trust in advertising, a wonderful diet guaranteeing success, which is suitable for everyone (which in itself excludes the possibility of their effectiveness) and any kind of machine that will give you the desired effect without your efforts. In this way, we narrow the area of our activities, and the entire slimming process becomes even more simple and accessible. Let’s move on to what will certainly work in our favor. Nutrition, training, regeneration and patience. These four basic elements guarantee healthy weight loss. They are guaranteed so strongly that when this fall does not happen, then a wide range of dieters will ask themselves “how is this possible? Unfortunately, most people automatically fall into the wrong assumption – the less I eat and practice, the better my results will be. Nothing could be more wrong. A person switching to a healthy lifestyle with dropping excess body fat as a priority must enter the world of training and dietetics gradually. It will save her from many mistakes that are very easy to make with sudden changes. I will try to draw an effective and practical solution to the beginning of the adventure with slimming, taking into account all four key factors conditioning success. 

Nutrition – there are two aspects to influence – the number of calories and the quality of calories (source). Simply put, what counts and how much we eat. Simply put, our food consists of protein, fats and carbohydrates. You need to make sure that each of our meals contains these three elements. When we master this principle, no ineffective meals like 200 grams of walnut oranges will appear in our diet. A very important issue is the source of our calories, a source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. What you decide to eat should be an unprocessed product, coming from a natural (if possible) source. Skipping sweets, colored drinks, processed meat like sausages, sausages, meats, all kinds of pate, alcohol is obvious. However, this is not enough to create a proper diet. The next step is to determine how many healthy products we should take. The most common method is to determine the amount of food eaten in one day. It is not necessary to calculate the exact amount of macronutrients and our caloric demand. At the beginning you can take 4 to 7 foods a day, separated by 2-3 hours breaks. It may be very useful to weigh our food and observe the effects. After 2-3 weeks of using our diet, we will then know what steps to take and how to change the proportion of nutrition. If we increase our weight it will be a sign that you should subtract a small amount of food. In a situation when the weight drops sharply, add a small amount of food (and it will be profitable!). Body measurements can be done once a week. It should be remembered that the circuits of particular parts of our body are more important and the entirety that we see in the mirror is more important than the number indicated by our weight. An important element is also increased water supply. The average amount can be 3-4 liters of water a day taken in small doses. Weight measurements should take place in the morning before breakfast. 


Training – in this case the type of training, the frequency and length of a single session is significant. One can distinguish three basic types of training used in the weight loss process. Strength, aerobic and interval training. Strength training, that is all kinds of strength exercises taken at the gym are not at all reserved for people who want to increase their muscles. Such activity burns a huge number of calories, positively interferes with the processes occurring in our body, makes our silhouette not only lose superfluous fat but also becomes more representative, firm, aesthetic. Three sessions a week for 40 minutes (not counting the warm-up) will suffice. Aerobic activity is based on maintaining a constant heart rate, i.e. maintaining a constant physical activity. On a treadmill or in the field it will be a jog, on a bicycle ride at unchanging speed, in a swimming pool a calm, uninterrupted pace. An essential element is that during this type of training, be able to talk freely with another person. At the moment when we exercise aerobic exercise too intensively, we get breathless and we overwork – fat tissue is burned in a LESS degree than when training with a lower, adequate intensity. We lose so twice. Three sessions a week for 60 minutes will be enough. Condition problems will disappear over time. This form of movement can also be performed much longer than 60 minutes, because kept at a fairly peaceful pace, it burns fat with the same effectiveness – 60 minute sessions are long enough to bring the desired effect (in combination with the rest of the assumptions I am writing about ). The last type are intervals. These are exercises involving intertwined high intensity exercise with medium intensity effort. The “high” moment is understood by the maximum sprint / bike ride at the fastest speed / swimming in the pool at a possible fast pace. The ‘average’ moment is understood by dismissal to the aerobic pace. How to do this workout? The high and medium moment should be combined into one whole and repeated several times. 

Example We start from 45 seconds of jogging, after which we sprint for the next 15 seconds. After the sprint without rest, once again we perform 45 seconds of jogging to go back to the 15 second sprint again. We repeat the action many times. The combination of sprint and jog is one interval. The number and length of intervals are adjusted to your efficiency. The entire training should last between 20 and 25 minutes, however, those who do not exercise initially will have a big problem with it. This training is extremely exhausting, which forces our body to extreme effort and great overloading. When we reach the limit of 25 minutes, it will be a good idea to lengthen the moment of high effort or shortening the low moment. Additionally, increasing the number of intervals while maintaining the overall training time at a constant level. I recommend performing intervals 2 -3 times a week. It should not connect to them neither on the day when we train by force or on the day we perform aerobics. 

The type of activity you choose depends entirely on you. As a person with experience, having contact with many training people, I recommend 3 times a week strength training and 3 times a week aerobic training. At the moment when you take the right condition aerobics recommend replacing intervals. 

Regeneration – under no circumstances should it be underestimated. An organism that does not get adequate time to rest and rebuild “the damage he suffered during training with time is exposed to injuries, injuries, discomfort in proper functioning, overtraining and fatigue. The equivalent of this will be understated effects, the feeling that training does not make us happy anymore, it is made for strength, and as a result – stopping further exercise and abandoning the diet. This passage also applies to excessive training. Beginners need to know that more does not mean better. The fact that you will be sitting in the gym twice as long as your friend or colleague does not mean that you will have better results. The moment of training, an average of 60 minutes a day is just a stimulus for the body. Many important processes that work for us also take place in the period between the end of training and the start of the next day. Regeneration should spend an average of 8 hours a day on good quality sleep. You should also remember about the time that you need to give to a given muscle party after strength training. Depending on the intensity of this workout, muscle regeneration lasts from 2 to even 7 days. It gives a clear picture of how important this factor is. 

Patience – there is nothing to cheat. Slimming is a long-term process. The effects should not be expected after weeks, but after months. The same goes for learning about nutrition. How can you stand it all? There is nothing simpler. Treat training as an active holiday, a springboard from work or study, a place where you can meet new people and gain new experiences. Be aware that with every moment spent on physical activity, you guarantee yourself improving your own health and losing further fatty tissue stores. What about the diet that you will need to follow? This word often scares people who like to eat well. So let’s replace them with nutrition. I guarantee that the healthy, desired food is larger than the unsuitable processed products. What does it mean ? More or less, that during our nutrition we will not suffer from any lack of food. With skillful seasoning of our dishes, there is no question of bad taste. We do not have to worry about hunger or eating force. With this approach, all the problems associated with slimming cease to exist, and the whole process will slowly become our way of life. When we get to this moment (and it is not difficult at all), we have guaranteed an attractive figure. All we need is time. At the end of this article I wanted to draw attention to the importance of nutrition in the whole issue. If it were to give the percentage of proper food as a weight loss, it would be about 60% – 65% of the effects. I note that I am not writing and never wrote about a significantly reduced amount of food, smoothening or refusing meals (HEALTHY) when we feel like it. Factors such fluctuations in our weight also can not cause our concern. The difference from 1 to 3 kilos during the day is completely natural. It is associated with overdue organism in the body, the degree of hydration and bowel movement. 

At the end, I wish you all the successes and gaining more and more knowledge about nutrition and training. For my part, I can add that slimming is not a process of giving up everything that is pleasant. A few sacrifices await us but in comparison with the reward we get – they cease to have any meaning. 


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Posted on: February 12, 2019

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