Innovative cardio training


Probably during the reduction of body fat, you have been doing ever-longer sessions of cardio training. It is possible that from day to day it was getting more and more monotonous. Treadmill, bike, cross trainer – and so on and on. The desire to achieve the goal allows you to overcome further obstacles, including your own reluctance to perform next sessions on the same equipment. However, when you achieved it, then you probably decided to give up boring cardio sessions, and as a result you missed what you worked on so much. How to prevent this? How can you not be put off? How to reduce body fat in a more effective and pleasant way? You will find the answers below.


  1. Cardio training – what is it and what is it about?


Cardio training can be called almost any physical exercise (a kind of sport) that stimulates the heart to work more. It can be cycling, running, roller blading, swimming, skiing, and even dancing.


This training consists in performing a given effort with intensity

75-85% of maximum heart rate for a specified time. However, it should not be too short or too long. The minimum time of its exercise should be 20-25 minutes, because more or less the body needs to burn carbohydrates. It is only after this time that he begins to burn body fat. Cardio training should not exceed 60 minutes.



  1. What affects cardio training?

This type of exercises to a large extent


– strengthen the heart by increasing blood flow;


– they efficiently burn calories and help to remove unnecessary fatty tissue;

– they cause better oxygenation of the body, strengthen the lungs;


lower blood pressure;


reduce the risk of a heart attack;


– reduce stress levels;

– improve well-being;


– they reduce the incidence of diseases related to the circulatory system.


  1. Types and variations of cardio exercises


Cardio training does not have to be monotonous. It is worth introducing a variety of its forms, additionally diversifying them, to influence the figure even better.



Instead of doing a standard, boring running on the treadmill, go outside and run through the park, forest or on the sandy surface which will significantly increase the difficulty of the distance traveled and increase the heart rate without changing the pace of the run.


Walking, walking

Do you have a gym nearby and you get to it by car, bus or tram? Change it! Going, you’ll treat yourself to aerobic training, so you will not have to do extra sessions after training. The same applies in the case of departure for the op. Browse, walking! Do not go easy and do not use the transport when it is not necessary.



Swimming in continuous mode for a limited time can also be included in cardio training. In addition, the pool affects regeneration. Also to a large extent strengthening the muscles of the whole body.



Sometimes energy spreads us. We need to unload it somewhere. Why not put on gloves and do not do it on the boxing bag? Try it and you will not regret it. You will leave the room as tired and happy.


  1. Anaerobic training “HIIT”

I will now discuss the subject of the effort in which we cross the oxygen threshold. This training should be definitely shorter than cardio training and last 20-30 minutes. Despite shorter time, it gives better results than cardio training.


Jumping rope

It is not the easiest because in the case of a low level of advancement of the training level, we will quickly lead to a strong calf tension. Along with training, the problem will disappear, and you will enjoy doing a solid workout in a short time.


Jumps to the chest

For this purpose, we can also successfully use a wall park or bench. The level of difficulty should be chosen by yourself based on the height of the element to which you will have to jump. It is a hard but very effective exercise. At the beginning you can start with 10 repetitions, then take a short break and repeat the exercise several times.



In this case, a few breaks are performed, i.e. the maximum speed of the run is interlaced (lasting about 60 seconds) with a calm jog (also 60 seconds). This is the so-called interval training, which affects the metabolism and leads to a faster loss of body fat.



Burpees (crocodiles) is the name of the exercise, which probably everyone had the opportunity to meet and never tried to do. They can be made practically anywhere and do not require any equipment. Try to do as many repetitions as you can for 60 seconds. Repeat the exercise several times. I assure you that fatigue will be unearthly, just like satisfaction.


  1. CrossFit training – a combination of all methods

CrossFit is a training that uses the specificity of everyday movements. It is a combination of powerlifting and endurance exercises and gymnastic. It consists of the most complex exercises. Each time a different circuit is performed, thanks to which the training does not become monotonous. In addition, joint competition motivates even more and more effort.


  1. Innovative cardio training – a summary

It should be remembered not to force yourself to a specific effort, despite the fact that such recommendations were heard from the trainer and that supposedly only these exercises will bring the expected results. I do not agree with this in any respect! Choose the activities that will give you the greatest pleasure. It’s best to interlace different types of exercises. Then you train on different levels, which will bring much better results!

Posted on: November 13, 2018

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