How to wisely prepare for weight loss?


It may seem that you do not have to prepare for slimming down, after all, just eat what you fit and start moving.Could it be?Practice shows that such an approach can flare up and you will not be able to lose body fat.We advise how to sensibly approach weight loss. Remember, the plan is the basis.

Start with research

Before you start a hunger strike or take a diet from the Internet, check your health.During your weight loss, your energy reserves are depleted, which can be manifested by weakness, bad mood or deterioration of health.In addition, an improperly selected low-calorie diet may cause a deficiency of minerals or vitamins.It is worth checking if we do not have any health problems at the start.

It is equally important from a comparative perspective.Thanks to preliminary tests, we will be able to compare whether a healthy lifestyle and losing unnecessary kilograms give a real improvement in health.The ability to observe constantly improving results is a large dose of motivation!

What tests do you do to start?Perform basic preventive examinations, which should be carried out every year.Examine the blood count, the Biernacki reaction, the cholesterol level, the level ofglucose (sugar) in the blood and perform urine tests.You’ll do everything in your clinic, and these tests are free.These are prophylactic examinations, so you do not have to take a specific health reason.

Prepare your diet

You can not hide – the right diet is the key to slimming.This does not mean, however, that you must use strange diets, ie, cabbage, fruit, juice and any other, which assume eating only narrowly defined ingredients.Such low-calorie diets are also, unfortunately, poor in many nutrients necessary for the body.


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In the diet, first of all, you need to take care of one thing – a calorie deficit.It is the negative caloric balance that will allow you to lose weight, or get rid of fat.We have already written about how to calculate the approximate caloric balance in our article.The second thing you need to remember is to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, ie, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, micro and macroelements, and water.It is because of the wealth of these ingredients that we reach during slimming for healthy food, not because of the alleged slimming properties.If you do not feel well enough to prepare a balanced diet, consult a dietitian.Remember that possibly deficiencies in nutrients that you have not been able to provide from food, can provide with supplements.However, this is only an addition to the correct menu, not his replacement.

Arrange the training plan

For many people, slimming is associated only with making crunches or sporadic jogging.Such activity, indeed, will allow you to burn a certain pool of calories, but it will be completely inadequate.You probably know many people who regularly run many kilometers, and still have a large body fat.Why is this happening?The main culprit here are the adaptive systems of the body, which are getting used to long-lasting effort.Then, we often burn not fat, but muscles.If you want to avoid this, put on strength training or intervals.Also, remember about the large supply of protein that works anti-catabolic and provides a feeling of fullness for a long time.


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What training plan to practice?During the weight loss, the FBW (full body workout) plan that engages the whole body will work best.Use as many complex exercises as possible, in other words, during which many large muscle groups work.It will allow you to burn the maximum amount of calories, and the oxygen debt caused by resistance training will make your body burn these calories for many hours after training.This is an excellent alternative to aerobic training, in which you burn calories only during training.Sounds good, right?

Prepare a weight loss plan

In order for slimming to proceed safely and according to plan, prepare a schedule and check the effects on an ongoing basis.Check not only the weight, but also the body’s circuits.Do not suggest yourself only minor deviations from the norm, because it is normal. Half a kilogram of more weight does not necessarily mean overweight.It is often caused by a collection of water in the body or, simply, the content of the stomach.

Many people who want to lose weight want to lose weight as soon as possible.From everywhere, we are flooded with information about people who lost several dozen kilos in a few weeks.Unfortunately, no one mentions that most often they encounter a later yo-yo effect, which is a consequence of too fast, ill-conceived weight loss.Plan your weight loss as a longer and more stable process.Slimming at a rate of about 0.5 to 1 kg per week, you will get excellent results and do not cause any devastation in your hormonal system.

Reach for extra powers!

Can you help slimming?Of course!You can even find natural fat burners in your own kitchen.You can, of course, also reach for supplements that will support your reduction.However, it is best to do this in the final stage of weight loss, because first of all you should take care of diet and training.Fat burners and other supplements supporting slimming are supposed to serve as an addition, not the main driving force of reduction.

Are you ready to start losing weight?Excellently!We guarantee that losing a few kilos is not only a better and more attractive figure.It is also a great way to improve the quality of life, strengthen self-confidence and tempering character.Thanks to a properly planned weight loss, you have the chance to change not only your appearance, but also your psyche.It really works!


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Posted on: December 18, 2018

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