How to lose weight and not spend a fortune?


I remember a few years ago, my 3-year-old daughter sat on the couch and said seriously, Mom, he must talk about money. In this article, I suggest you the same. I will show you 10 ways to cheap slimming! 


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1. Free entry to the fitness club 

Most fitness clubs offer one-off, free passes for personal training or group classes. Use this to meet the trainer and develop a reinforcement training plan. In the gyms, you can also often use the body composition analysis. The results of this study will allow you to set a weight loss goal. 


2. Seasonal campaigns to encourage traffic 

Check on the website of the commune, city, district or in your area free fitness classes are organized (as part of seasonal campaigns to encourage traffic). You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities there are to be able to train under the supervision of a professional without spending even one zloty. Thanks to this action I came back to yoga! 


3. External power stations 

Outdoor gyms grow like mushrooms after rain, even in smaller towns. This is a fantastic initiative that motivates for regular outdoor training. Equipment made available as part of an outdoor gym is usually varied. It allows both endurance training (cardio) and strength exercises. 


4. Home-wrestling 

A mat, a pair of dumbbells (or two bottles of water), a skipping rope and a computer with internet access. That’s all you need to create your home gym. You do not have to invest in orbitrek or stepper roads. On YouTube you will find a cross-section of training videos, from suggestions for beginners to trainings that give a good impression! 


5. Seasonal vegetables and fruits 

Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits at the bazaar below the house. They taste great, they smell amazingly and are cheap. Take advantage of freezing and bottling to keep their taste for the whole year. Thanks to this, eating 5 portions of vegetables and fruits a day will be much easier. 

6. Herbs on the windowsill 

Fresh herbs bought in pots are expensive and fade quickly. Bet on your own breeding of herbs on the windowsill. You have no experience in growing plants? Start with basil, which grows fast and forgives for care errors. 


7. Treat food as a variety 

Quinoa, chia seeds and goji berries are expensive. Treat them only as a diversifying element, not a slimming diet base. Buy more expensive ingredients in small quantities to get to know their taste and learn how to use them in the kitchen. 

8. Cheap product database 

Build a base of food products based on Polish, cheap food. Buckwheat, millet, cottage cheese, apples, linseed, kefir, parsley, rapeseed oil – this is food for which you spend only a few zlotys. 


9. You do not need kitchen gadgets! 

Sure, it’s good to have a low-speed juicer, but you’ll do without it! If you want to start cooking healthy, diet dishes only these gadgets are enough 

steam cooker (for a simple pot), 

hand blender, 

set of sharp knives, 

good quality frying pan. 

10. Master the zero waste philosophy 

The basis of cheap cooking, also on a slimming diet, is the planning of meals. What, when, who and how much will eat? These are questions that will allow you to develop a budget and a grocery shopping list. Check out the blogs that describe the zero waste philosophy. Zero waste – or zero waste! You’ll be amazed at how many creative ideas to use leftovers can be introduced into a family life every day. 


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Posted on: March 27, 2019

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