How to choose the best diet for you?


Dukan’s diet, Atkins, South Beach, Montignyaca, paleo, 1500 kcal diet or maybe an individual diet plan developed by a dietitian?Anyone who has decided to lose weight, asks himself which of the many reduction diets will give the best results.There are a lot of available solutions, and making the right decision is not facilitated by the fact that there are no ideal diets for everyone.

Flavor tastes

It is difficult to persevere on a diet if you can afford to eat only dishes that you do not like.Of course, no reduction diet anticipates eating with pizza, fries, chocolate cake and cola, but you can see a lot of differences between the type of dishes allowed in the diet of Dukana or Atkins, and dishes suitable for example for the diet of cabbage.People who most like rice and pasta dishes and fresh bread sandwiches will certainly have great difficulty in completely eliminating carbohydrates from their diet, which is necessary at the first stage of Dukan’s diet.If you do not like cabbage and soups, no doubt you should not choose a cabbage diet.Sustaining any reduction diet is a big challenge, so you should avoid additional obstruction of the fight against overweight.


Losing weight means not only eliminating certain products and dishes from the menu, but also replacing them with others, consistent with the principles of the diet.Products needed during weight loss may be cheaper or more expensive, so choosing a diet should take into account your budget.However, expenses related to weight reduction are not only the purchase of necessary food products, but also consultations with specialists.Not everyone can afford to lose weight under constant control of a dietitian, because the cost of one visit varies from 80 to 200 zlotys.On the other hand, a rational assessment of the situation is important.It is not always necessary to use healthy food stores and buy expensive products, because they can be replaced with cheaper counterparts that also match the diet.


One of the reasons for giving up weight loss is nagging hunger.It is not true that the reduction diet must be associated with the constant refusal of food.There are diets where you can consume certain foods without restrictions.Shelton’s diet allows you to eat, among other things, yogurts and lean cheese, while the Weight Watchers diet allows you to eat without restrictions apples, peaches, oranges and tomato juices.If you find it difficult to control hunger and give up snacking, choose a diet where you can afford it, keeping to the list of acceptable products.


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If your health condition is perfect, then you have complete freedom in choosing a reduction diet.However, all diseases and ailments may be a contraindication to the use of certain diets.Particular care should be taken in the case of diseases of the digestive system.Special diets need people suffering from thyroid disorders and diabetics.Kidney and liver diseases are a contraindication to the use of high-protein diets, because excess protein additionally burdens these organs.Nutritionists caution against restrictive diets, such as the Copenhagen diet, which should not be used if there are any health problems.He is associated with age, including age, and should be taken into account when choosing a diet.Not every weight loss method is suitable for teenagers or the elderly.With more serious health problems or being overweight it is safer to lose weight under the supervision of a doctor.

Opinions on diets

Each diet has its own followers and opponents, so you can not give up the chosen method of weight loss just because you have negative opinions about it.What’s more, in one person a certain diet may be an ideal way to reduce weight, while the other person will not be able to persevere on it for more than a few days.However, it is worth getting acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of individual diets to know what problems may arise during weight loss and, above all, to make sure that a given diet is tailored to individual needs.

Selection of supplements

When choosing a diet, it’s worth thinking about supplements that will help you get the results you want.The preparations available in the shops are thoroughly tested, and many of them contain only natural ingredients, so you do not have to worry about the use of supplementation.Supplements should be adapted to the type of diet and to the individual needs of the body.If you are still feeling hungry, you can go for an appetite suppressing supplement that contains, for example, hydroxycytran acid, plant extracts or dietary fiber.If you think that the cause of your weight problems is slower metabolism, then you can try to improve metabolism with supplements that increase thyroid hormones or block cortisol.In addition to supplements supporting slimming, products containing vitamins and minerals may be useful.It is worth trying to plan your diet so that it fully covers the need for all nutrients, however, to avoid health-related deficiencies, you can reach for vitamin and mineral complexes.

The effectiveness of slimming depends on the choice of the right diet and compliance with its rules.Finding the perfect diet is not easy, and the first decision often turns out to be wrong.Instead of discouraging you from losing weight, you need to analyze the cause of failure more accurately and modify your diet or choose a different diet, better suited to your needs.


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Posted on: December 28, 2018

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