How is it with this milk?


The consumption of milk is associated with a lot of controversy, on the one hand various authorities in advertising campaigns recommend drinking milk to children and adolescents, paying attention to its high nutritional value, while on the other you can find innumerable articles and videos that warn against the consumption of white poison. Is milk really healthy? Or maybe with time, it wreaks havoc in the body? 


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Given the nutrient content, milk seems to be a truly unique drink. High-quality, well-absorbed protein, a large amount of minerals, such as calcium in solid doses and the presence of B vitamins, and also rarely found in popular food products D, clearly speaks in favor of milk. In addition, the milk is tasty and comfortable, thanks to modern methods of preservation you can drink it straight from a bottle or a carton. 

Despite all these advantages, however, the milk has its die-hard opponents – why? 

In order to answer this question, one must realize that almost every food product has similar controversies, the louder the critics’ opinions are, the given product is intensively propagated in various campaigns. And so, your die-hard opponents have vegetable fats, whole-grain cereals, and even sea fish or some vegetables. 

I can bet that if the Institute of Food and Nutrition had already developed a campaign promoting the consumption of apples, and the promotion of these fruits would involve TV stars, there would be speculation on the Internet immediately about what these fruits are sprinkled on, what roads are growing and how they are stored. Various specialists would have theories on the toxicity of lead accumulating in the flesh and pesticides penetrating into the skin of the fruit suggesting that it is probably the pharmaceutical industry that created this lethal campaign to make life worse for poor citizens and make money on medicines. 


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Posted on: February 8, 2019

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