How careful eating allows you to enjoy the taste and … lose weight?


Pleasure is healthy! 

The Japanese are a nation that classifies pleasure as an element of health. It is worth taking an example of them! The meal should be full, nutritious, tasty and pleasant. However, the necessary element to be so is your mindfulness. 


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You can not eat and talk on the phone, read a newspaper or browse photos on Instagram. It’s like you do not eat at all. Your brain is focused on something other than receiving stimuli from the nose, mouth, stomach. That’s why you eat while you have something on your plate or in a packet. Have you ever eaten a packet of chips watching the show? You know what I’m talking about! 

I can already see you shaking your head in disbelief and saying 

It’s nice to me, especially when I eat chocolate! 

I accept the challenge, see how it works! 

What to do to eat chocolate and not overdo it? Mindful eating in practice

Make an experiment and buy two kinds of chocolate with plain milk chocolate, the kind you get in every grocery store and bitter chocolate of good quality with an interesting flavor addition (chili? Orange?). 

Begin the experiment when you are slightly hungry, but not hungry. At this point, it is worth starting each meal. If you twist your stomach from hunger, eat a lot and everything, just to feel fuller faster. 

Get 2-3 pieces of each chocolate and sit comfortably. Turn off the music, put down your mobile phone, focus only on the upcoming meal (yes, chocolate is also a meal!). 

Before you start eating, smell the two chocolates, try to feel different scent notes. 

Start with dark chocolate. Put it in your mouth and focus on the shape, texture and first taste sensations. 

What chocolate texture is the texture? 

What reminds you of this taste? 

How does chocolate change its consistency under the influence of warm chocolate? 

Is the fact that it melts pleasant for you? 

Do you feel a change in chocolate temperature? 

What happens when the chocolate melts and you swallow it? 

What feelings do you have in your stomach? 

After the first piece, stop. Do you feel like more? Does the chocolate taste suit you? Is it deep, multidimensional or flat? If you want to eat another piece, go for it boldly, but keep exactly the same kind of focus as at the first. Then repeat the whole process for milk chocolate. Which chocolate tasted better to you? 

How does mindful eating help in weight loss? 

I often carry out this experiment with my patients. The taste assessment of chocolates is an individual matter, but most people notice that focusing and stopping during a meal allows you to feel the satisfaction of eating faster. Exactly the same happens with every meal you eat. Use increased mindfulness whenever possible. Remember, however, that a lot depends on you. When you focus on taste sensations you are also more likely to appreciate good quality products. Chips, jellies, fast-food dishes have a flat taste and thanks to mindful eating you can experience it for the first time. 

Using this method on a daily basis means that you are less likely to want junk food. More often, you take care of what you eat and how much you eat. When you fully feel the signals from the body, you also notice faster and eat less. This is the most pleasant way to the correct weight! 

(PS While writing this article, I took a break and ate a chocolate)


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Posted on: March 20, 2019

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