Hidden calories – diet traps that hamper weight loss


Many people are surprised by the fact that despite the long use of the reduction diet, their weight does not decrease.Weight loss problems may have health reasons, but before undergoing a lot of research it is worth to learn about the diet traps.No weight loss effects can result from unconscious consumption of calories.

Light products

At the beginning it is worth paying attention to light products, which are the biggest of diet traps.Many people think that such products can be eaten without worrying about their figure.Unfortunately, light mayonnaise still remains mayonnaise, like cola light does not become mineral water.You need to realize that preserving the taste and consistency of products would be impossible without using fattening and harmful ingredients.Light products contain fewer fewer calories than normal ones, and there are even occasions when their calorific value turns out to be higher.

Glucose-fructose syrup

Everyone knows that white sugar fattens and is not good for health.Unfortunately, some believe that a good alternative to him is glucose-fructose syrup.Food manufacturers oftenreachforit, and then attract consumers with such slogans as a product without sugar.In fact, a person consuming products sweetened with glucose-fructose syrup receives about 300 extra calories per day.This sweetener is not a good alternative to sugar either in terms of calorie content or health effects.


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Fattening drinks

Not only food, but also drinking, favors the food.Sweet drinks and juices are sweetened with sugar or the previously mentioned glucose-fructose syrup.For the body it does not matter if the calories are delivered with food or with drinking.Drinks and juices also contain harmful preservatives and thickeners, so it is worth giving up not only because of their figure.After training, gas drinks and juices are best replaced with an isotonic drink, which not only does not hurt, but also replenishes the level of water and electrolytes.Among the calorific drinks should also mention alcohols, which themselves contain a lot of calories, and at the same time slow down the metabolism.If in the evening we allow ourselves for a beer or a drink, the body may have trouble digesting dinner.


There is a myth that all yoghurts are dietetic and healthy.Unfortunately, if we look at the list of ingredients contained in them, the situation will turn out to be completely different.Although information about the number of calories is on the packaging of yogurt, not everyone is paying attention to it, because they are convinced that such a product can not affect the weight loss effect.Yoghurts contain sugar and health-related additives such as dyes and preservatives, while the fruit content is very low.There are two strawberries in a mug of strawberry yoghurt.Dietary and healthy is natural yogurt.Instead of buying ready fruit yoghurt (also this type of light), a better solution is to prepare it yourself from natural yoghurt and fruit.


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It would seem that a bit of sauce added to the meal does not matter much to our figure.One tablespoon of mayonnaise has 165 kcal, and the tartar sauce is almost 80. Some fewer calories contain ketchup and garlic sauce, but during weight loss a few teaspoons of such a sauce is of great importance.Taste dishes better with herbs and spices that do not contain salt.

Baked fries

Fans lovers often can not completely give up their favorite food.A certain solution to this problem may be baked fries.Before switching them on to your menu, however, it is worth considering whether it is a sensible decision.Although fried fries are a better choice than fried fries, they still can not be considered a diet.From time to time, you can afford a portion of homemade fries from the oven, but it is better to avoid buying ready-made fries that you can eat after heating in the oven.During production, they are subjected to heat treatment using fat.We do not always know what fat was used by the producer and in what quantity.At home, it is best to use very small amounts of olive oil for this purpose.


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Dried fruits

Dried fruits are considered a healthy snack, which is a very good alternative to sweets, chips or sticks.It is true that the dried fruits contain fiber and valuable nutrients, for example iron.Unfortunately, it is a high-calorie snack.100 grams of dried apricots contains 284 kcal, while dried prunes 240. Other fruits are not less caloric.Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult to eat such a portion.One dried apricot weighs 4 grams, so just eat 25 apricots during the day to consume 284 kcal.Dried fruits are often treated as a snack, eaten, for example, while watching TV.In this situation, it is easy to lose control over the amount of fruit eaten.Dried fruits should therefore be included in products to be approached with great caution.Due to the fiber content, it is worth adding them in small amounts to yogurt or porridge, but if you want a snack, it is better to replace the dried fruit with fresh ones, such as apples, apricots or strawberries.

As you can see, diet traps lurk on us almost everywhere.If slimming does not bring the expected results, then you should look closely at the products and dishes you eat.Many problems can be avoided by carefully reading labels bought in grocery stores.It is worth doing not only because of the hidden calories, but also other food additives that should be avoided because of their health.


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Posted on: January 4, 2019

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