HEALTHY NUTRITION – what to eat when you are out of the house all day


Even if you know the rules of healthy eating, how are you to use them when you are away for hours? Then it’s easiest to add some unhealthy snack to you. and even soups.

You leave the house in a hurry and without breakfast, stop the cork on your way to work, then coffee one, the other to fool your empty stomach for a moment, then the hunger becomes so unbearable that you reach for anything. a couple of chocolates and the ones that most often satisfy your hunger, sometimes you can endure without food all day long.In the house, before you prepare a meal, eat a few cakes, you have to somehow satisfy the biggest hunger, all against the rules of healthy eating.


If even a few days a month looks similar to you, you need a nutritional set of SOS! An emergency package of selected products will save you from reaching for worthless and caloric snacks. You can keep your SOS package at home, at work, and even in the car. also in a portable version of the mini, for the bag How to prepare such an emergency set Think about a few products that you like and at the same time you can count as desired in a rational diet It is also important to be able to store these products for at least a few days. ?

SMALL carrot or tomato juice.Caramel puree juice is one of the best sources of beta-carotene – provitamin A necessary for skin regeneration and good vision.Tomatoes provide lycopene, an important component in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.Interestingly, in tomato juice it is more than in fresh tomatoes.

INDIVIDUAL type POWDER BAKERS or extruded wafers, e.g. brown rice.Whole-grain crisp bread will provide insoluble fiber and complex carbohydrates. The basicsource of energy in the body – glucose, is released from them gradually, which suppresses sudden attacks of hunger and facilitates the process of burning fat.

NUTS – a source of health-beneficial unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which protects against aging.

FRUIT, dried or fresh (apple or mandarin) – enrich the menu with soluble fiber that cleans the body of toxins.They provide vitamins and minerals.

Such a set does not even require cooling conditions for detention.No matter where you are, you can always reach for a product from the SOS package.You can also include a small can of preserved peas or corn in the set.Such vegetables have a lower nutritional value than fresh ones, but in times of famine they are a better solution than unhealthy greasy or sweet stuffers.



Implement the principle of healthy eating

In the morning you love to enjoy the last moments of sleep, so you are short of time to eat breakfast, to prepare sandwiches for work, not to mention, it’s a pity, because breakfast protects against wolf-hunger in the evening, and a home-made sandwich often turns out to be the only solid meal all day long .

Can a sandwich really substitute for a valuable meal? Of course it can! The trick is to compose it properly. If you have difficulty getting up, book a few minutes to prepare a sandwich for work in the evening, just pack it well and store it overnight in the fridge. How to compose it?

The basis is wholemeal bread – graham, graham, traditional rye bread or pumpernickel bread. The bread is a source of carbohydrates, which during the day we should draw more than 50 percent of energy.

The second important component is a product that is a source of full-value protein.The share of energy derived from proteins should not exceed 15%.It is primarily needed for the regeneration of the body.An excellent source of wholesome protein is meat and sausages, dairy products, fish and eggs.If you choose cold meats, choose the smallest fat, poultry or veal.A perfect solution is to use boiled meat in sandwiches, for example the one used to make soup.Cured meats usually contain various chemical additives that allow to prolong durability, increase productivity, improve aroma and taste.A portion of home-made meat is by far the healthiest choice.

Yellow cheeses eat in moderation, they are a great source of protein and calcium, but they have high calorific value.Add a small amount of cream to the cottage cheese, the fat contained in it, and more specifically vitamin D, improves the absorption of calcium in the body.You can mix curds in the form of fish paste with tuna, mackerel, sardines, sprat, or eggs.For seasoning the paste it is worth using fresh chives, dill and radishes.

If you do not have cholesterol problems, if you like, spread the bread with a small amount of butter.You can also sprinkle the sandwich just before eating a few drops of olive oil or linseed oil.To reduce the amount of fat, choose grated horseradish, mustard or homemade avocado paste for spreading.

Remember to add vegetables to sandwiches.Vegetable sprouts are a perfect solution.It’s a real richness of vitamins and minerals.It is also worth adding a salad, if you get bored with traditional butter, try rucola, lamb salad, romaine lettuce or spinach leaves.The taste and nutritional value of the sandwich will be enriched with fresh or dried tomatoes.



Cheese sandwich

slice of wholemeal bread, slice of roquefort cheese, 2 slices of camembert cheese, slice of mozzarella, a few spinach leaves, tomato, colored pepper, a teaspoon of butter

Spread the bread with butter, arrange the washed and dried spinach leaves, slices of cheese.Add tomatoes, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper.

A roll with ham

oat roll, slice of ementalera, slice of smoked ham, fresh or dried tomato, a few leaves of basil, a teaspoon of butter

Cut the bun, brush with butter, lay slices of cheese, rolls of ham, pieces of tomato and basil leaves.


Healthy eating does not exclude snacks

When you feel stress, you reflexively reach for something to crunch, get a plastic container (intended for storing food) in the morning, put into it peeled carrots, peppers, cucumber, radishes or kohlrabi, this portion of the crunchy snack is healthy! hundreds of empty calories with chips, such as chips, breadsticks and crackers, you’ll change anything from vegetable to heavy-duty crunchy, and it’s a much healthier and less calorific option.


Home-made soup – filling and healthy

You love to eat hot dishes and you can not imagine a day at least without a warm meal, you do not have a microwave to heat your dinner, take a small thermos (you only need 250-500 ml) and arrange in the afternoon or evening 30-40 minutes, In the meantime, they provide essential nutrients, are filling and warm up, just add a piece of meat, a large portion of vegetables and a nutritious meal ready. If you like thick soup, add whole-wheat pasta, Brown rice or porridge, no powder soup can match that of a housewife, and a thermos will be useful as a container for soup. Remember to heat it just before leaving. Staying all night in high temperatures will lose some of the vitamins.


Salad in the express version – delicious and compatible with the principles of healthy eating

Do you tend to be late at work? How to organize a tasty, fast and healthy meal? Take ready-made salad mixes. Usually do not require washing (look for information on the package.) In addition, you can store them for a few days. , a can of tuna, cheese, for example mozzarella or minifeta, and even a boiled egg or a few slices of meat Cold in a bowl, greens and the selected additive, a lemon juice or olive oil, eat with a slice of wholemeal bread. with the body a portion of vitamins.

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