Healthy diet? Turn the revolution into evolution!


The rapid introduction of radical changes rarely ends successfully. Therefore, if you are going to finally take care of your diet, do not plan to abandon all bad habits overnight. Make changes gradually. Here are 10 ways to help you modify your diet painlessly.


I want to eat more vegetables and fruits

Start by supplying the fridge – when fruits and vegetables are at your fingertips, there is a greater chance that you will reach for them. Increase their amount on the menu, gradually add more slices of cucumber or tomato to the sandwich, apply yourself a larger portion of vegetables on the occasion of dinner. Place a bowl of fruit in a prominent place in the room. Try to start cooking the soup and do it in such a way to prepare a portion each time, enough to last for more than one day. Check if you like fruit or fruit-vegetable cocktails.


I want to eat healthier snacks

For starters, replace one unhealthy snack with a handful of almonds, nuts or a portion of unsweetened yogurt with the addition of fresh fruit. Limit the amount of sweets bought, replacing them with fruits or vegetables that you can crunch raw. Remember to eat snacks when you feel hungry, and not when you’re bored.


I want to stop eating “unconsciously

Eat only when you are hungry. As soon as you feel satisfied (and not full!), Finish the meal even if there is still a lot of food on the plate. Do not eat in front of the TV or the computer, because you will lose control over the amount of what you eat.


I want to keep moderation in the restaurant

Do not go to a hungry restaurant! Always start with a healthy, light starter, soup or salad. In this way, the stomach will have less space for the main course, which can be more caloric or hard to digest. If you eat in a company, talk a lot, giving yourself in this way that the body can inform you that you ate enough before you eat too much.


I want to eat less sugar

There are several ways to accomplish this goal. You can sweeten your coffee and tea with half of your previous sugar amount. You can give up one serving of sweetened, carbonated beverages. You can opt out of a sweet snack. Some people find it difficult to part with the excess of sugar and in their case, limiting its amount in the diet should be slow. Sweet fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and fruit juices, can help satisfy the appetite for sweets.


I want to start eating breakfast

When your mornings pass in a hurry so that you have no chance of finding 15 minutes for a quiet breakfast, think about a morning meal in the evening. Prepare the food you take with you to work or school the next morning and eat it there. The most convenient way is to take yogurt, a packet of muesli, peeled and chopped vegetables, ready-made sandwiches, a packet of nuts, a boiled egg. Morning meal is really important, so try not to skip it – you’ll have more energy, you’ll be less hungry at noon, you have a better chance of losing weight or keeping a slim figure.


I want to keep moderation at the party

As in the case of going to a restaurant, do not go to a hungry party. Choose the healthiest and free of calorie food and snacks. Do not refuse everything, but keep moderation – put some sweet delicacies on a plate in small quantities. When you pick up, go away from the table so you do not reach for the right amount. Keep moderation in drinking alcohol not only because of its calorie content.


I want to control how much and what I eat

The nutritional diary is best suited for this purpose. You can run it in a notebook or create a blog, for example on our website. Take notes in it everything you eat and everything you drink. Often, until all the meals, snacks and drinks consumed throughout the day are written down, there is no awareness of what the diet really looks like and how much caloric it is. When you get to run a nutritional journal, use our diet analyzer. With his help you can quickly check whether you eat healthy and how much you eat calories.


I want to be able to say “no, thank you”

There is nothing to cheat, a strong will is needed for this. Maybe you can strengthen her when we tell you that you have power when it comes to what, where and how much you eat. You also have the right to influence what the meal you order in the restaurant will be. You can demand the sauce in a separate bowl and decide for yourself how much you will eat with a salad or meat. You can thank for the addition of bread to the soup or the second course. You have the right to order half portions. Take advantage of these opportunities and learn to enjoy the fact that you control what you eat. Take pleasure in giving up dishes or snacks that do not bring benefits to health or figure. Believe – you have power over what you eat.


I want to stop overeating

Turn the plate into a smaller one. When applying sauces and caloric additives, use a teaspoon instead of a soup spoon. Focus when you put on the plate individual elements of the meal and control their number and proportions. Do not put too much to start with – maybe less is enough? Do not fall into the trap of the Swedish table – you do not have to try anything or put in a large portion. Stop thinking about the fact that the more you eat, the cheaper the meal will come out. Enjoy that you have a choice and make it consciously.

Posted on: October 18, 2018

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