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Breakfast is sometimes called the most important meal of the day.Although not everyone agrees with this claim, pointing out that the remaining meals are equally important for the proper functioning of the body, but it is worth explaining how a good breakfast should look like.

Satiety index

First of all, you need to ensure that the breakfast is filling.Food products can be divided into those that give a long-lasting feeling of satiety and those that satisfy appetites only for a short time.The satiety index can help in choosing the right food.The highest satiety index is characterized by products such as oatmeal with milk, gouda cheese and hard-boiled eggs.Muesli with milk also has a high satiety index, but not as much as in the case of oatmeal.This means that eating porridge for breakfast will satisfy your hunger for longer than the consumption of muesli.An even lower index of satiety is characterized by cornflakes with milk, which many people choose for the first meal of the day.


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Glycemic index

The satiety index is not the only way to choose products that satisfy your hunger for a long time.A few years ago, the popularity of the diet based on the glycemic index, i.e. the ratio of blood glucoseafter the intake of a specific food to the level of glucose in blood glucose,gained popularity.Pure glucose may be such a product.The lower the glycemic index (IG), the longer one should maintain a feeling of fullness.Whole wheat bread has lower IG than white or artificially colored bakery, which is why this type of bread is best used during breakfast.The low glycemic index has, inter alia, porridge and roasted muesli.It is worth noting that the GI of full-fat milk is 27, while the fat is 32. However, following only the glycemic index would be a mistake, which can be seen on the example of a watermelon.Its IG is quite high, but this fruit contains a lot of water, so the increase in glucose concentration could only occur if you eat a large amount of watermelon.Therefore, other features of the product should also be taken into account.

Energy density

Another determinant that can be guided during composing meals is energy density, or calorific value.In the case of low-calorie products you can afford to eat a much larger portion than with products containing a lot of calories.Two grapefruits provide 240 calories, which is approximately as much as 40 grams of peanut butter, but satisfy hunger more effectively than a salty snack.

Proposals for breakfast

There are many ways to prepare a tasty and filling, and at the same time dietetic breakfast.It is worth trying to ensure that the morning meal contains whole grain cereal products, as well as a portion of fruit or vegetables.The ideal proposition is porridge with pieces of fruit or wholemeal bread sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cucumber.On cold days, it is best to eat a warm meal in the morning, especially if you have a tendency to catch colds.All kinds of cereal and groats are very well suited for cooking hot.Those who have more time to prepare breakfast can, for example, eat a dietetic omelette or a wholegrain pancake with fruit.Breakfast is best served with unsweetened tea or juice, preferably freshly squeezed.It is better to drink coffee after the meal, and certainly not in front of him, on an empty stomach.Of course, you must follow the rules of your chosen diet.People who use a diet that eliminates certain products can not afford full freedom.As an example, you can indicate the Dukan diet, which in the first phase excludes all carbohydrate products, so also whole wheat bread.Active people can reach in the morning for quick-carbohydrates and protein.Carbohydrates complement the level of energy necessary for the proper course of muscle regeneration processes that take place during sleep.The protein is needed to avoid catabolic processes.

Information on long-serving foods can also be used when planning other meals.Even the best breakfast is not able to provide energy for the whole day, so it is worth paying the same weight to every meal.


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Posted on: December 28, 2018

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