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The days are getting shorter, the weather is more miserable, and in the autumn long evenings we often have a taste and almost reflexively head towards the kitchen to grab a bite. What would crunch … We hang around in the kitchen, looking into the fridge, cupboards and again in the fridge in search of the right taste, but nothing suits us and it’s too sweet or too heavy, too much again …. But finally there is something just right Minis wafers Good Food – delicious corn and rice rings in two flavors versions Minis Kuku-kurydza with a delicate salty note and sweet – Minis Coco-banana with coconut and banana.

Mini size, maxi pleasure

Good Food Minis is the first of its kind, small, neat and handy wafers in a practical package. Great for school as a healthy addition to the second breakfast, perfect for browsing on the road – instead of a troublesome sandwich or fattening bun, they will also enrich every social event.

And what do you say about afternoon cravings? Outside the window there is wind, rain pouring, and a sofa at home, a good book and Minis at hand …

Regardless of the circumstances, Minis are always an original alternative to traditional, not always well-balanced snacks.


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For active and conscious people

Minis are produced from the most valuable brown rice and whole grains of corn, coming only from natural crops, without the addition of artificial preservatives and dyes. Certainly, they will become an indispensable element of the diet of people who care about the line and who consciously choose a healthy lifestyle. For such consumers, the richness of fiber valuable for the body will also be important – Corn Minis contain 100 g as much as 9.4 g of fiber, while the coconut-banana version provides 4.5 g of fiber in the same amount.

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Not only will Minis be interested in taste and shape, they will also pay attention to their convenient packaging. And whoever reads the information on it, he learns that wafers are low in calories and contain no gluten.

Salty, sweet, healthy!

Minis successfully replace traditional sweet or salty snacks, unhealthy and unfortunately too willingly eaten … They will make a sensation at meetings with friends, at events for children and young people.

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For parents, the most important thing is that they can add something that is healthy, tasty, with a minimum of sugar and fat to school meals. Good Food Minis will reconcile the parents ‘desire for a child to feed itself properly, sustainably, with the young and young consumers’ appetite for something crunchy, great in taste and comfortable.

Posted on: January 18, 2019

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