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Gainer is a carbohydrate-protein supplement, which alongside protein, amino acids and creatine is the most-bought supplement. It is mainly used to build muscle mass, but it can also be used as a nutritional supplement to supplement carbohydrates and protein. What are the pros and cons of using the gainer and what to look for when buying it? You will find answers below.


What is gainer?

Gainer, in other words – “ambassador of mass”. One of the most commonly used supplements next to protein supplement, BCAA and creatine amino acids.

Protein and carbohydrate nutrient with a small admixture of fat, which has gained fame long ago. Most often, the ratio of carbohydrates to protein occurs in the proportion of 7030 or 8020. It is a dietary supplement that accompanies virtually anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass. It should be mentioned here that the gainer can not be a substitute for most meals during the day. First of all, because real food always provides better quality macronutrients, and secondly, too frequent use of the gainer will expel him from the body.


Gainer – application

Gainer (with gain, gainers) means growth, profit. The sense of using this supplement during the mass building period seems to be simple. Very tasty and useful conditioner. It turns out to be extremely helpful in the mass period, when often the volume and the number of meals is not to be eaten for some. This is especially so at the beginning of increasing the caloric content of the diet. Gainer meets such situations. A smaller meal + gainer and our caloric needs will definitely agree.


Pros and cons of Gainer type conditioners

This supplement has many advantages, including

– supplementing the diet with macronutrients necessary for the development

– meal replacement in emergency situations

– used after training can play the role of anti-catabolic

– it’s like yogurt from store shelves

Minuses seem to be scarce

– gainer conditioners are often abused. It leads to rapid weight gain but fat gain. And as we know, that’s not the point. You need to build a lot so that you can store as little fat tissue as possible, so you can not use too much calorie surplus in your diet. It just needs to be directed by common sense.


What is part of the gainer?

Gainer is a dietary supplement that is often subjected to various strange and dishonest experiments. It’s mainly about eye-catching potential buyers. Seeing the label showing the percentage distribution of individual nutrients, not having read the printed components with a small print, we do not know what we will really eat. What is most striking is the price of gainers, which is lower, for example, from protein supplements.

When trying to buy a gainer, pay attention not only to the weight of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats), but also to what they come from. It is very important to build good quality muscle mass, not fat mass. Gainer should contain whey or egg proteins. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, should come, for example, from rice starch or groats. The idea is to make the gainer reflect the character of good quality food. Despite the fact that everyone knows this well, in gainers we get a solid portion of maltodextrin and poor quality vegetable proteins.

Attention can also be drawn by the label, where we see, for example, the addition of BCAA, the amount of which is most often trackable, but the manufacturer can boast a richer composition.

I will mention briefly the percentage division of the gainer. Most often it is 20/30% protein, 70/80% carbohydrates. Of course, fats are also added, which makes it really a very good supplement.


Protein or Gainer?

We must ask ourselves this question before buying supplements and starting the mass season in our process of making molds. We know the properties of gainer and protein supplements of various types. In both cases, we must remember to buy, if possible, a good product. In my opinion, the protein supplement, despite the higher price, will be a better choice, because the shortage of protein in the diet is more difficult to supplement than, for example, the lack of carbohydrates, which dominate in the gainer syntax. Nutrition-type conditioner encourages price, but do you need it? Often, it can provide you with unwanted simple sugars and cause excess calories, and thus – increase the level of body fat. Protein supplement is a supplement that gives us more options. One of them is the creation of our own bars, or protein-carbohydrate shakes.It is simply more versatile.

Posted on: October 25, 2018

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