Full Body Workout (FBW) – universal training for everyone?


Full Body Workout (FBW) is a quite well-known training method, which probably every gym visitor had to deal with. It is treated by the majority as preparation for serious training – but is it suitable only for that? Is this the right training for everyone and at every stage of advancement?

FBW is one of the varieties of training performed by people who exercise by force. What is connected with it can be your basic training and serve as a change of training during stagnation. Claiming that this is just a preparation for serious training is not entirely right. Below you will find all the information about this exercise method.



Full Body Workout – what is this training?

Full-body training, as the name suggests, involves practicing all muscle groups during one training session. It is recommended to start training with larger muscle groups, ending with smaller ones. In theory, the order of exercise should be following legs, back, cage, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abdomen. In practice, there are different combinations that aim to expose a particular muscle party more, or catch the weaker party to the others.

The main assumption of FBW is free weights training including basic multi-joint exercises such as deadlift, squats with barbell, barbell press, pull-up and rowing. Exercises isolated during whole body training should be limited to the necessary minimum.

FBW training has been developed for people training 2 – 3 times a week, where training 2 times / week is a total minimum, from which you can not expect surprising results. The 3-day option is ideal, but remember to take a one-day break between trainings. More training sessions during the week is no longer a good solution due to the lack of sufficient time for regeneration.


FBW training – for whom?

It has been assumed that whole-body training is intended for beginners and for those returning to strength training after a long break. Is this true? Of course, this is a very good method, but it can not be qualified as just for these cases. Full body workout can give equally good results to beginners as well as intermediate and sometimes even advanced ones.

Where did it come from saying that FBW training is the best solution for beginners? For the beginner, it is recommended to work on the correct technique of exercising with the use of smaller weights and more repetitions. What is connected with this – large weights are not used and a small number of series is made for one muscle part, so regeneration lasts shorter.

In the case of advanced people, the case looks a bit different due to the very large weights used for exercise. Training of the same muscle batches with a one-day break may be associated with an insufficient period of regeneration of damaged muscle fibers. The result can be weakened body and less energy during exercise. However, it is not said that every organism will need a few days to regain 100% strength. FBW is based on 1 – 2 series for a given muscular part, so the muscles will not be as tired as in other trainings (Split, Pusch-Pull-Legs). When training FBW, you must maneuver the load and the number of repetitions to give the muscles time to regenerate between workouts. For example – you can not do sit-ups with maximum load 3 times a week – your muscles will not last! However, with proper division and selection of exercises, this training can give even better strength results than other training sessions.


FBW training for mass or reduction?

It should be remembered that training is only a stimulus that gives an impulse to the muscles to grow. The whole philosophy of building muscle mass or reducing body fat is based on a properly balanced diet. FBW training can be used in both cases.


How long can you train FBW?

The principle is very simple – as long as you can see the effects and the results come from week to week, do not change the workout. If you practice “one” year in a row on FBW and this is the right form of training for you, and the effects are still visible, why bother? If, however, you do not see the results despite following all the rules – try a different workout. There is no time to devote to this training. Theories that can be found on many portals, such as “practice the first 2-3 months, then change to Split” are unfounded.


FBW training – summary

Full Body Workout is a very good workout that involves the whole body muscles during one training session. Amazingly – it is not just for beginners. There are methods that are recommended for intermediate – advanced and advanced. FBW training can be a very good solution if you have fallen into a workout routine and your muscles need the right stimulus.


Posted on: November 20, 2018

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