Forming biceps


The biceps muscle, as the name says, consists of two shorter and longer heads, which are spindly shaped. Both heads in the middle of the arm’s length join in a common peasant. It is a two-jointed muscle because it affects the elbow and shoulder joint. Appropriate training is able to act to a greater extent on the given head. Along with (Latin). bicepsem during the flexion of the hand in the elbow joint, the brachial-radial muscle and the humerus work hard. This muscle also plays a very important role, namely the strongest inverting muscle. The key role in forming this muscle is the position of the hand (hand) during the barbell or dumbbell . The distance between our arms and the banner is also important. In my post I would like to introduce you to the options of laying the hands, thanks to which you will be able to build your biceps not as a whole but with a given head.

As I mentioned before, the most important is the positioning of the hands while bending the elbow joint. In a standing position or in a prayer-box with a straight barbell when the hands are placed widely, the short (medial) head is involved in the case when the handle is narrower, the long (lateral) head is working harder. In the case of a wide grip it is better to use a broken barbell because it allows to reduce the load on the ligaments, mainly ligaments of the elbow – wrist – palmar. 


1- narrow, side head 



2- wide medial head 



Together with the biceps, the brachial-radial and brachial muscles always participate during the flexion of the elbow joint. The strength with which they operate depends on the position of the hand, namely the reversal or conversion of it. I would like to explain to you the mechanics of exercises with dumbbells and the effect of hand rotation on the muscles during exercise. 

Three ways to do dumbbell exercises 


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1- With the advantage of the biceps muscle 



2- With intense brachial-radial muscle work 



3- Mainly with the work of the biceps and brachial muscle 



Exercises 1 and 2 have a special advantage because they reinforce the tendons of the two-headed tendon, which is wrapped around the radial bone in the reversible position. 



There is also a variant involving the three main flexors of the elbow joint. It is an ideal exercise to strengthen the wrist joints, which are weakened by the imbalance resulting from the superiority of the wrist flexor muscles over the rectifiers. In this exercise the two-headed muscles of the arm, the brachioral and brachioral, the shoulder, the finger extensor, the small finger extensor and the elbow extensor are working. 


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When exercising on the biceps muscle one should take individual elbow building characteristics. The elbow angle varies between individuals, some have a more pronounced elbow angle and the forearm strongly bent outwards. This anatomical structure forces these people when flexing their arms with a barbell for excessive twisting of the inner wrists. making training painful. In order to relieve the wrist joints, these people should practice a broken barbell. 

Posted on: January 28, 2019

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