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The first bell is a stressful moment in the lives of children who start their adventure with education new surroundings, new colleagues, new requirements … At the same time, it is an important moment for parents who want to take care of healthy eating habits of their children. It’s not that difficult. As the first-graders are developing rapidly, their diet should abound in high-energy ingredients such as wholesome protein, calcium, iron, B vitamins and nutritional fat.



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Children should eat regularly, preferably every 3-4 hours. Therefore, depending on the number of lessons, it is worth planning their school meal carefully and packing them a nutritious sandwich for crunching on a long break and a healthy snack, preferably fruit or magnesium-rich nuts. This mineral ingredient supports the brain and helps in concentration and fight with stress, which is certainly not lacking in the first days of school.

Chicken delicacies

There are many ways to make the second breakfast not only healthy, but also extremely appetizing! First of all, let’s use different types of bread. The healthiest are, of course, whole grains, but you can also use white, because excess fiber is not indicated for children. And what to put inside the sandwich? Nutrition specialists have long recommended lean meat and cold cuts as the best source of wholesome protein. That is why our children should give something from a wide range of poultry products. High-quality turkey products from the TARCZYŃSKI brand are particularly recommended, such as subtly flavored turkey breast or slightly smoked fillets. Another nutritious product that will surely satisfy our kids is Turkey Oak Turkey, made of delicate meat with an amazingly fragile consistency. Although meat is the most important element of a sandwich, let’s remember about vegetables, the best source of vitamins. Combine different colors and flavors of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, avocado paste, radishes.


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Children love minor surprises, so maybe put on the original shape? For example, the tender Roasted Chicken (Tarczynski) available in two flavors of pepper and herb, is cut into slices with a triangle or rectangle. Play cut out sandwiches in other, interesting forms, which will be useful for cookie cutters. And if today you served ham, for variety you can give your child delicious poultry sausages, such as Krakowska z filet (Tarczyński) made of carefully spiced whole chicken breasts. The children will surely also taste small Sausages from chicken fillets of the same producer. Soon, more interesting offers will appear in stores – seasoned Chicken Hungarian or Chicken with cranberry, so making a varied sandwich will become even simpler.

Kabanos instead of a crisp

Or maybe for a change we will give our kids a sandwich and kabanosy? The Tarczyński company, famous for its excellent kabanosy, offers many types of this popular delicacy. Children who love kabanosy, will love IDOLA, individually packed sausage, which you do not need to store in the fridge thanks to the use of modern production techniques. It is a nutritious snack with a traditional taste, and thanks to a handy packaging, children will not get their hands dirty. Try IDOLKI that contain five kabanos in a pack – our children will be able to share their favorite delicacy with school friends. For fans of sausages, individually wrapped pork pigs will be perfect. To drink, let’s give our kids a box of natural juice or a small mineral water, and avoid giving them soda drinks.


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Although reconciling delicious with nutritious food may seem difficult, it is not unattainable at all. All it takes is a bit of a fantasy to make a boring school breakfast turn into a real attraction. Look what our children like and try to shape their eating habits.

Posted on: January 18, 2019

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