FBW (Full Body Workout) training for advanced users


FBW (Full Body Workout) training is a training method, the aim of which is to involve all muscle groups on individual training sessions. The holistic character of exercises combined with their high intensity is a perfect combination both for those who want to build a dry muscle mass and for those who want to improve the overall efficiency of the body.


Full Body Workout training – what is FBW?

A characteristic feature of the FBW system as a low frequency of training days combined with high intensity of exercises.

The basic assumption of the method is to involve as many muscle groups as possible on a single session, by performing multi-joint exercises and limiting isolated exercises.

The idea of ??all training focuses on gradual muscle overloading. The length of the cycle should be about 8 weeks, and the time of training and regeneration about a week.

In order for FBW training to bring the right results, a minimum of 2 days a week is required for training.

Training days must be preceded by at least 2 free days, otherwise the body may not be able to keep up with the regeneration and superstructure of the weakened muscles.

The number of repetitions, rest time between sets, and the amount of the load will depend on the goals set previously.

In the case of FBW training for beginners, it is recommended that the original goals be limited to the so-called “General development”. An organism unprepared for similar efforts must adapt to a new mode of activity.


FBW training for mass

In order to train FBW to the mass brought the expected results, reduce the number of repetitions to 8-12, and the working load to 50-60% of the maximum weight, keeping about a minute break between sets.

Although it is not recommended to overload a given muscle batch by engaging it in a similar way in the next exercise, you can combine exercises for antagonistic parties (superseries).

Superseria by involving opposing parties allows for additional inflating with muscle blood, which supports its development in terms of tone and volume.

A big advantage of this training variant is a comprehensive bodybuilding progress. The high energy consumption of exercises contributes to the removal of excess fat tissue, thanks to which the emerging muscle increments enjoy better exposure.

Advanced people should spend more days a week training. The right choice may be FBW 3 day or 4 day training.


FBW training for strength

FBW strength training will require a reduction in the number of repetitions (up to 4-6) in order to increase the weight (up to 75-80% of the maximum weight) and the rest time to (1.5-2 minutes).

The advantage of this method is a gradual increase in the strength of all parties separately, combined with a noticeable increase in mass and muscle tone resulting from keeping the muscles in constant tension during training.

Due to the gradual increase in the load, you should constantly monitor your achievements, preferably by keeping training journals.


FBW 5 × 5 training

It is a great way to adapt the body to more intense workouts by gradually enforcing the strength progress.

The classic variant of this method is FBW 5 × 5 Bill Starra training, based on the weekly mobilization of the body with increased load.

The innovation of this training consists in forcing the body to constantly raise the bar. The trainer performs a series of muscular 5 series, in which he tries to choose the weight to make max. 5 repetitions, after which it is obliged to increase the load.

The first two series are 60% of the working weight (the weight that we plan to train in the right part), that is the warm-up. The next three series are the correct series, carried out at 80% of the maximum weight.



Maximum weight = 100kg

Working weight = 80kg

Warm-up = 50kg


FBW training for fat reduction

FBW training for sculpture is an excellent alternative for people with high caloric demand and for all those tired of prolonged cardio training.

Because of the intensification of the effort by engaging large muscle groups, each FBW training has reductive properties. However, by increasing the number of repetitions (12+), increasing the speed of exercise, shortening the rest time (<1 minute) and reducing the load (30-40% CM), final effects can go beyond our expectations.


FBW training at home

The main training rules applicable to the FBW method are not changed, the challenge will be exercises performed on home equipment and in home conditions.

The basic tools for FBW training at home should be barbells and dumbbells, which can eventually be replaced by, for example, kettles, backpacks or sand bottles. What will weigh us down should be reasonably comfortable to hold and provide stability so that it can be a safe alternative to the right devices.


FBW training for advanced – an example training plan


FBW 1 training

  1. Dead sequence 4 x 10 repetitions
  1. Straightening the legs on the machine 3 x 12 repetitions
  1. Squeezing the barbell above the head sitting 3 x 10 repetitions
  1. Superseries Squeezing the barbell on the prayer book / straightening the lines on the triceps extractor (3 x 12) + (3 x 10) reps
  1. Squat on the gantry 4 x 12 repetitions


FBW 2 training

  1. Pressing the dumbbell sitting with the rotation – “Arnoldki” 4 x 10 repetitions
  1. Pulling the rod on the horizontal extractor 4 x 12 repetitions
  1. Squeezing the bar on a horizontal bench 4 x 10 repetitions
  1. Rowing with 3 x 12 reps
  1. Duty with 4 x 12 reps dumbbells
  1. Spans 4 x 10 repetitions
  1. Calf climbing on the gantry 4 x 15 repetitions


FBW 3 training

  1. A squat with a barbell 4x 10 repetitions
  1. Straightening the legs on the machine with holding 2 seconds 3 x 10 repetitions
  1. Calf climbs standing with a load of 4 x 15 repetitions
  1. Superseria Rowing with barbell podchwytem / squeezing a barbell on a horizontal bench (3 x 10) + (3 x 10) reps
  1. Crossing the arms on the “goal” extractor 3 x 8 repetitions
  1. Pulling the stick to the neck on the 4 x 10 repetition
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