Fat burners – we compare the most popular products


We present a comparison of fat burners, in which we evaluate the most popular products. Adipose tissue does not have to be your problem! See which one will help you get rid of unnecessary kilos and help you get the desired silhouette. Find out what fat burners are – we compare the most popular products!


Fat burners – introduction

As you know, a wonderful capsule for losing weight does not exist. The loss of unnecessary kilograms is possible primarily due to the reduction in the number of calories accepted each day and the increase in the level of physical activity. Fat burners are an additional element of the weight loss process, which allows you to accelerate the desired weight.


Trec Nutrition ClenBurexin

Another compared supplement – Trec ClenBurexin is an incinerator that allows to intensify stimulation and increase the production of heat in the body. The producer bet on proven ingredients and managed to create a burner worth recommending. See how the composition of this supplement looks like


Composition in 2 Trec ClenBurexin capsules


Green Coffee Extract (Coffea arabica) 10% ACG – 450.00 mg

Green Tea Extract (Camelia sinensis) 55% EGCG – 270.00 mg

L-Tyrosine – 250.00 mg

Holly Parasayan Extract 41 – 100.00 mg

Anhydrous caffeine 100.00 mg

Pantothenic acid (calcium-D-pantothenate) – 100.00 mg – 1667% ZDS

Ginger Root Extract (Zingiber officinale) 5% Gingeroli – 60.00 mg

Kaje├▒ski Pepper Extract (Capsicum frutescens) (Fruit) 50.00 mg

Black Pepper Extract – Bioperine┬« (Piper nigrum) 95% Piperine – 6.00 mg


Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme

Comparison of fat burners is completed by the Olimpia Nutrition flagship burner. It is one of the most popular fat burning preparations on the Polish market. The product is based on high quality ingredients, mainly vegetable origin. Gently stimulates, helps get rid of fatigue and bring the body into a state of elevated thermogenesis.


Composition in 1 Olimp Thermo Speed ??Extreme capsule


Green tea extract – 250mg

including epigallocatechin gallate – 137.5mg

Bitter orange extract – 167mg

including synephrine – 10mg

Guarana extract – 40mg

including caffeine – 20mg

Caffeine – 80mg

Black pepper extract – 2,5mg

including piperine – 2.4mg

Tyrosine – 500mg


Although the amount of active ingredients is quite modest, the effect is already felt by the first capsule. One suggested capsule as a portion contains a total of 100mg of caffeine derived from guarana and anhydrous caffeine. Noteworthy is the addition of an extract of bitter orange, which provides synephrine to speed up metabolism and the addition of tyrosine, which allows to maintain the normal level of thyroid hormones. However, it is not enough to become a leader in comparison to fat burners.

Posted on: November 21, 2018

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