Fat burners for women and for men – is such a division necessary?


The food demand of women and men is slightly different, therefore the diet should be adapted to, inter alia, gender.The question then arises whether these discrepancies also affect the effect of dietary supplements, such as fat burners.Do you need special burners for women and men?

What are fat burners

For starters, it is worth remembering what fat burners are and what their effect is.This category of products includes food supplements that affect the rate of fat burning. These are preparations that have double action. First, they stimulate the production of heat, or thermogenesis.Secondly, they increase psychomotor activity and efficiency, and the increase in energy translates into the length and intensity of training.The increase in thermogenesis makes these trainings more effective.


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Life in women and men

It can not be denied that women and men tend to lose weight and lose weight slightly differently.Ladies tend to gynoidal obesity, or buttock-femoral, while men usually develop obesity android, also called abdominal.In the case of women, weight gain and weight loss isoften related to the hormonal balance, while in men hormones do not have such a strong impact on body weight.The male silhouette is more muscular, which is why weight reduction is a bit faster than in women.However, are these differences justifying the division of fat burners into men’s and women’s?


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The effectiveness of fat burners in women and men

It turns out that the ingredients contained in fat burners affect the male and female organism in the same way. The thermogenesis process is the same in women and men.In both sexes, products that increase psychomotor activity and efficiency are very good results.There are no strong arguments to support the thesis about the rightness of sharing the burners on a woman and a man.Admittedly, some suggest that women should use weaker preparations, but this is not rational justification.If you assume that the ingredients contained in fat burners affect women more strongly than men, it is enough to use these types of supplements in smaller or larger doses, instead of putting on sale two types of burners. It happens that some types of fat burners turn out to be ineffective for some people, but this applies to both men and women and is associated with individual features of the body and immunization of certain substances.Some manufacturers add ingredients to women’s incinerators that have no effect on slimming, but are particularly needed for women.It’s a good proposition for people who do not have to buy two supplements thanks to such products, but other women can use regular fat burners without any worries.There are also no contraindications that men use women’s burners because they do not contain substances that affect the endocrine system, only the ingredients that both women’s and women’s body needs.


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Posted on: December 28, 2018

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