Facts about the intestinal microflora and its impact on our health


We usually remember about our intestinal microflora during or after antibiotic treatment, when the doctor recommends to buy a probiotic for taking medications and suggests using it for a week or two after treatment. Every day we do not remember the micro-organisms inhabiting our intestines, and nobody seems to think of any special way to ensure that they have favorable conditions for a proper existence. Meanwhile, in the light of published research in recent years, it turns out that the intestinal microflora has a significant impact on the functioning of the entire human body, and minor disturbances in this intriguing ecosystem can end up with health problems. In this article, I will give you ten interesting facts about the bacteria that colonize our digestive tract. 


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In the light of our digestive tract, there are from several hundred up to two thousand species of bacteria (with the impact on our bodies at least half of them have not yet been known). An even greater impression is made by the total mass which these fine organisms constitute. As you know, bacteria are microscopic in size, so you can expect the result of a rather microscopic measure. It turns out, however, that the value obtained on the scale is in the range of 1 to 2.6 kg! 

It was observed that the risk of allergic diseases in children who in the early stages of life received antibiotics was significantly higher. This fact is connected with insufficient colonization of intestinal mucosa. The result of this condition is poor preparation of the immune system and impaired intestinal permeability associated with excessive exposure to allergens. In the later stages of life, the condition of the intestinal microflora affects the functioning of the immune system and the integrity of the intestinal barrier. 


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Posted on: March 11, 2019

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