Exercises for a flat stomach

Many people are looking with envy at those who can boast of an attractive flat stomach. Only in a few cases, a slim waist is due to genes, because usually the most important role play a proper diet and regular workouts. Not every kind of activity has the same effect on the appearance of this part of the body. There are several types of exercises that are particularly useful when working on a flat belly.

Hula hop

Hula hop is a popular children’s fun, but at a certain age, people lose interest in twisting a plastic wheel. This is a mistake, because the exercises with hula hoops have a great impact on the muscles of the abdomen and waist. It’s best to use conventional hula hoops with a wide rim. After some practice it is worth to buy a heavier wheel (anionic) with massaging protrusions, because it stimulates the muscles to do more intensive work. Protrusions are not a good option for people who have weaker muscles. In this case, you may get bruises on your body.

It is worth remembering that inside of the body there are vital organs that can not be continually exposed to impact. The smaller the circle, the faster and harder you have to twist hula hoop, so it does not fall. This means that people interested in intensive training should choose a small circle, while in the case of weak muscles a wide circle would be better. The simplest training with the hula hoop is to twist it in such a way that you can remain it on the stomach level. Those more experienced can twist the wheel to move it up or at the hip height. Such training is very effective, because it engages all the muscles of the abdomen. During the hour of twosting hula hoop, you can burn up to 420 calories.

There are also other exercises with hula hoops, which improves the appearance of the abdomen. In one of them, you should lie on the back, and put hula hoop behind the arms under the shoulder blade. Then we raise the legs at an angle of 90° and grab the whell with both hands. We tighten the abdominal muscles and rise it up as high as the upper part of the body, breathing. A beard should be facing upwards. Then slowly lower your upper body to the floor while exhaling. Hula hoop allows you to tran other parts of the body, such as thighs, buttocks or shoulders.

300 crunches

The program of 300 crunches became popular, because it allows achieving good results, yet requires no special equipment and is perfect for busy people. This program begins with the test that can determine the optimal training cycle. The test is very simple, as it allows to check how many crunches you are able to do at one time. Crunches should be done carefully and stop only when you do not have more strength to do next move.

After the test, you should choose an appropriate cycle and train in accordance with its rules. The program 300 crunches is carried out over six days, and on the seventh day we test. Proper exercises allows you to skip to the next cycle, during which you increase the number of crunches. As the name of the program says, the aim is to arrive at a stage where you are able to do 300 crunches. Unfortunately, not everyone can use this program. The main contraindications are back problems.

Belly dance

Some people quickly give up performing crunches, because such exercises are for them too monotonous. Much more interesting proposition is belly dancing. Belly dancing is best to learn on a professional course, but good results can also be achieved through self-learning. One of the basic movements is the shimmy. To perform shimmyyo have to be in a small legs apart and slightly bend your knees. Then we raise straightened arms and tightens the abdominal muscles and sliding the right hip forward, while left back. Later, to move your left hip forward and right back. We’re twisting hips so for about a minute, noting that the body was motionless.

Every day you should try to twist hips with greater speed. Another element is the essential step Arabic, in which the trunk and one leg is held in the same place, while the other foot put in turns to the front and back. You can add to that accent with a hip of a leg, which currently is moved forward. Easy to master are also camel and bodywave. Kamel, also called snake, wave and camel, is body waving. The thorax moves forward and slightly upward, then follows the abdomen, and pelvis at the end. Then the chest goes back, then follows the abdomen and hips. Bodywave is the reverse of the movement, so first the lower part of the body fed out to the front, and they they return to the back.

Weider 6

A popular aerobic Weider 6 set of exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles and shape. Exercises are performed at scheduled series and cycles. An important part of any exercise is to stop for 2-3 seconds at the point where the muscles are most strained.

The training cycle lasts 42 days. Each series consists of 6 exercises and the number of sets and reps constantly go up. Before training, it is worth to check how the correct execution of each exercise look, because a wrong technique not only makes it impossible to obtain good results, but also increases the risk of injuries, such as back strain.

Weider 6 already tried a lot of people, and the opinions on its effectiveness are different. This is certainly an option for those persistent, who do not become discouraged by monotonous exercising.

There are several ways to do this, to strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduce waist circumference. It is important that the training was adapted to the health condition, fitness and your preferences, because only then it will allow to obtain your dreamed-of results and will not lead to side effects such as injuries.


Posted on: August 19, 2018

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