Drop the drum – the best exercises for the stomach!


Summer is approaching, the holiday season and everyone wants to have beautiful pictures, look good on the beach. How to do it? Above all, it is worth paying attention to the diet, but what next? You should also remember to include the stomach in your training plan.

  1. The best exercises for the stomach

I will introduce you to a few exercises that will help to develop and strengthen both the abdominal muscles and the body. Remember also that not only the visual aspect counts. Abdominal muscles have many functions and properly extended can facilitate everyday life and sports.


  1. Allahy

This is one of the best exercises on the stomach. We attach the rope to the upper lift. We kneel face in front of the hood and grab the rope overhead or on the sides. We inhale and make a movement of the torso slope. At the bottom, at the moment of the biggest short circuit, we hold the moment, we exhale and return to the starting position. Remember that the arms are immovable, they should only be an extension of the cord. The most important is muscular sensation and focus on the moment of short circuit. The most common mistakes in this exercise are jerking, pulling with the hands of the weight, enforcing repetition and incomplete range of motion. Also choose the right weight because it will put too much stress on the spine instead of stimulating the muscles to work.


  1. Raising knees / straightened legs to chest in sag on rod

Exercise engaging in addition to the abdominal muscles also to the toothed muscles. We grab the rod with a hook or snap – there is freedom here. We attract knees / straight legs as high as possible to the chest. The movement should be carried out dynamically, without shocks and swinging the trunk. The most important aspect is the movement of the pelvis close to the cage, that is, we move so high that we will lift the pelvis towards the cage. The most common mistakes are body rocking, lifting only legs, no pelvic bumps, so instead of working with abdominal muscles, we work with the pelvic flexors alone, the movement is to be full.


  1. Abdominal tightness lying

We put on the floor or mat, we bend our legs in our knees. Hands can be kept on the cage or loosely along the torso. We raise the torso towards the knees only until the muscle is tightened without taking the lumbar segment away from the floor, hold it in the upper phase for a while and then return to the starting position. We must remember that these are not typical crunches, which burden our spine, the movement here is shorter and consists in muscle tightening. In order to increase the intensity of the exercises, we can use the weight placed on the cage held in front of me.


  1. Russian turn

We sit on a mat or floor with straight backs and legs bent in the knees. We start the movement by tearing our feet off the floor, and then we make torso curves, trying to work with the abdominal muscles ourselves. We try to keep our feet in the air for the whole series. When this variant is too simple, we make turns with the load held in the hands in front of the chest.


  1. Bicycles

To make a bike, we put on a mat or floor. The lumbar section is on the floor, then we lift the chest and bend to the angle of the straight knee. Hold your hands clasped behind your head and make a move, touch your left knee with your right elbow, pull it towards you, straighten your right leg, and then touch your right knee with your left elbow. It is a very exhausting exercise, try it yourself.



  1. Raising legs lying down

Again, we start the move from lying on the back on the mat / floor. Straight legs are lifted as if to a candle, that is, until the legs form a straight angle with the torso. Remember to gently lift the pelvis from the floor and hold it up for a second. Then we lower our legs to the starting position with the fact that we do not put them on the floor and keep them in the air. The most common mistake, as in the raising of legs in the overhang, can be lifting the legs themselves, without pelvic work, the upward movement ends with the pelvis lift.


  1. Plank

This is one of the most popular exercises, this time for muscles that do not give a visual effect, i.e. core muscles. In short, we make supports on the elbows and toes of feet with the maintenance of the natural curvature of the spine. Keep in mind that your muscles are always tense, because they are supposed to do the job. We make the board on time, usually starting from 30-45 seconds, from training to training we strive to increase the time of the exercise. As I wrote, the board will not bring visual effect, but it will certainly help in everyday life and in multi-joint exercises, running and practicing other sports.


  1. How to train your abdominal muscles

The basic function of the abdomen is not the visual effect, but above all the stabilization of our body. The main function of these muscles is to stabilize the correct posture, maintain balance and maintain a proper motor pattern. Insulation exercises, or strictly those that we do to make our stomach look better, is an addition to their proper function. Belly should be trained no more than 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes, really no more sense. Training will not eliminate fat from the belly, help to show and strengthen muscles.

Above I presented a few exercises, in my opinion the best to develop and strengthen the abdominal muscles. From among them, choose 2-3 exercises and perform them in three series for one training unit. Such amount will be sufficient. More does not mean better, we also need time to regenerate.


  1. The most common mistakes made during abdominal training

– the belief that abdominal exercises burn fat from the abdomen and the belief that the more repetitions we do, the better. Exercises will only expand and strengthen muscles. To reveal them, a reduction diet should be introduced.

– training your abdominal muscles every day. Remember that abdominal muscles are just like any other, they need rest, regeneration, time to rebuild.

– making a special separate training unit for abdominal training. I have seen many people who really tortured my stomach for hours. It’s a mistake. Just 15 minutes 2-3 times a week.

– focusing only on isolated abdominal exercises. Remember that by doing a deadlift, squats, power cleans (weights a deadlift from the deadlift position) or over head press, we also engage the muscles with the fact that they are stabilizing muscles, so-called. core, which is worth training.

– doing abdominal training before running, proper training. This is a serious mistake, because the abdominal muscles stabilize the body, keep it in balance, and doing the abdominal training before the workout perturbs it and exposes it to injuries, lack of balance and a problem with polyarticular exercises.

– crunches, or the most popular exercise on the stomach. Unfortunately, they are not worth doing, because they put too much pressure on the spine, they are not an optimal exercise.

– Abdominal muscle training only without load. This is not a big mistake, but to optimally engage and develop abdominal muscles, you need to undergo a load.

Posted on: November 16, 2018

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