Do you know squats? For and against…


For many people, squats are an exercise that is most associated with training. 

“The squatting day is a regular event in the life of countless triathlonists, footballers and bodybuilders. Squats are done by millions of different people, ranging from those going to the gym from case to case and ending with players taking part in the MR contest. Olympia. 

We sit down from the youngest school years, doing this basic movement when we bend the knees deeply. 

Despite this, the trainers devote too little time to all those who continue to do squats, considering that it is a comprehensive and complex exercise. 

Too many profess the simple rule “you want to be powerful doing squats without thinking about how you can best use this exercise to improve your figure. 


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Let’s analyze all the pros and cons of squats, the main variations of this movement and how bodybuilders should do squats to get the best results. 




I do not think there are such different opinions about any exercise as about squats. 

On the one hand, we have those who say that the squats, apart from enlarging the back, still cause back and knee pains. They believe that pushing legs on the gantry or squats on a hacker machine are more effective and less dangerous exercises on the way to increase the mass of thigh muscles. Indeed, many bodybuilders adhere to such a philosophy. On the other hand, we have those who say that squats are not only the best leg exercises, but the best exercise in general. 

They also believe that squats accelerate the rate of metabolism. In addition, Tom Platz or Paul DeMayo developed the muscles of their thighs that are a kind of bodybuilding ideal primarily based on squats. 

In turn, many current professionals can now afford the luxury of skipping this “King of all exercises just because they’ve practiced squats for years. 


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The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in the middle of the more ‘close’ side than ‘against’. There is no evidence that squats change the metabolic rate. However, they are one of the most complex exercises and thus trigger the process of proliferation in several major muscle groups. 

The movement performed primarily affects the quadriceps and gluteus muscles. Some of the work is also performed by the muscles of the back thighs, the supple rectors, shin muscle and abdominal muscles if they are even just stabilizing muscles. 

There are exercises that produce almost the same tension in the muscles of quadriceps as squats with barbells but are not so complex to also affect the stabilizing muscles. For most people, squats are the best exercise to increase the strength and weight of the lower body parts. 

It is said that squats are potentially more dangerous than any other exercise. Doing them in the wrong way without the help of competent people or in a position without special stands can be dangerous. 

Cultures must learn to perform squats to make them as least dangerous, and this science is more absorbed by a lower bodybuilder than higher because people over 180 cm tall have a tendency to lean forward so they have to go even further to the technique. It’s better not to do barbell squats at all than to do them incorrectly! 

Squat Technique – In any bodybuilding exercise technique is not as important as squats. The truth is that too many perform squats incorrectly. 

Even when you’re trying to get a thigh muscle mass, it would be best to alternate between heavy and casual workouts. In hard training, the principle of pyramidal training is applied, gradually increasing the load. In hard training it is also worth having a partner with you who can help you if you need it. Despite all this hype, squats are not proverbial alpha and omega among thigh muscles exercises. For those who can not or do not want to learn the correct technique would be better if they turned their attention to other exercises developing the muscles of the thighs. You can never like squats but at least appreciate the effects they bring. 


Posted on: January 24, 2019

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