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Methods to fight overweight and obesity 

About 50% of society in highly developed countries suffers from the problem of overweight, and nearly 25% of the population of these countries are obese people. I would like to add that about 25% of the world’s population are people who do not have a genetic tendency to weight gain. It is easy to count that the number of people living on our planet who care about their figure we have only 1/4, the rest grows into fat, or what they want and how much does not want to worry about their body. 

Overweight and obesity is a huge problem, because illnesses (obesity is actually a disease) carry a lot of negative consequences. Apart from aesthetic reasons, because everyone probably knows that too much fat lying under our skin does not look attractive, it is worth mentioning health considerations such as 



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The causes of obesity are almost exclusively the non-adjustment of the amount and quality of macroelements in the diet to lifestyle. Oversupply of mainly simple sugars, saturated fats and trans fats. 


I.Profilactics – it is easier to prevent than to cure. 

Physical activity will be very helpful in preventing overweight and obesity. Especially CARDIO trainings or, if you prefer aerobic training. These are all endurance disciplines in which work is performed for a long time (over 15 minutes) on a continuous basis. Runs, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing and all team games. When it comes to the frequency, length and intensity of training, it is often in the literature that you can come across the pattern 3x30x130 numbers correspond to (3x / week, 30 minutes, 130hr / min), this can be slightly developed. Such training, in order to make sense, should be performed 2-5 times a week, in the time range 20-60 minutes with intensity from 50-80% hr max. Contraindications to cardio training are cardiovascular diseases. 

In the prevention of overweight can also be very helpful, and often underestimated by ladies strength training. Although the energy expenditure of such training is much lower than the cardio training, strength training specifically affects the body, scientific research confirms that during such training there is an increase in androgen levels and somatotropin. Hormones that prevent the accumulation of fatty tissue and accelerate the metabolism. When it comes to the frequency and volume of such training, it seems optimal to use it no more than 4 times a week, the training session should not last more than 1 hour, and training should be based on the main multi-state exercises, with low injuries. As for the intensity of training, it should be within 40-80% of the maximum loads, the age of the exerciser is also very important here. Contraindications include hypertension, sometimes doctors advise against strength training for people with myopia over 10 diopters. 



An example of strength training 

1.Warm up

-5-10min cardio (bike, treadmill) 

– dynamic exercises (push-ups, bumps, sagging on the bar, squats, spiders, etc.) 

– warm up before a given exercise 3 series of exercises with a load of 20-40% 

2. Specific training 

– Classic squad with barbell 3s 6-8p (50%) 

– Pulling back on the stick (or pulling the cable from the lift to the cage) 3s max (10-12p) (40%) 

– Pressing the barbell (dumbbell) in the lying 3s 6-10p (33%) 

-Punching the barbell (dumbbell) in a stand or siesta 2s 8-12p (20%) 

-Screens on the Roman bench / flexing the arms with a barbell / stepping on the fingers standing with the barbell 3s- (replacing every week) 


* in brackets I gave the optimal load for the person starting the workout expressed in percentage of body weight 


In strength training, it is very important to start under the supervision of a qualified instructor who will correct technical mistakes and help you choose the right weight. To achieve tangible results, she offers people who have never practiced starting small. Weights and gradually increase (weekly 5-10%) This will guarantee long-lasting progress and will minimize the risk of overtraining or injury 

Very good results when it comes to maintaining a healthy-looking slim figure gives you a combination of both training methods, but remember to choose the intensity and volume of the tr. and give the body a day or preferably two days to rest. 


An example of the oil 

N / A Cardio 45min int 50-70% 

Mon Tr. strength 

Tue Cardio 30min int 60-80% 

Wed Free 

Cz. Tr. strength 

Pt Cardio 45-60min team games 

Sat. Free 

This is an example of weekly pyrotechnics, but for people who have never had contact with a gym or CARDIO activity, I suggest starting with a preparatory cycle, reduced to only aerobic exercises in the lower intensity limits. I propose such a cycle for 4-6 weeks, after which you can go to take the exercises as in the above-mentioned list.


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Posted on: February 13, 2019

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