Do you be afraid of GMOs?


Topics related to genetically modified food (GMO) arouse extreme emotions. On the one hand, many scientists present a highly enthusiastic position, pointing to the unlimited benefits associated with the possibilities offered by genetic engineering, on the other hand every step in various studies addresses issues related to the safety of both man and the surrounding nature. 


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In fact, whether we like it or not, it is difficult to imagine the functioning of our civilization without the possibilities offered by genetic engineering. Genetically modified microorganisms are used in in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of medicines such as insulin, in medical diagnostics, in processes related to the purification of the environment, such as reclamation, and in the food industry – for example, GM yeasts are used in bakery, dairy and brewing. 

Genetically modified plants are characterized by increased resistance to adverse external factors, and their cultivation does not require chemical means of protection against pests and diseases, which – in the case of plants being food raw materials – obtained from them food products are healthier. Thanks to genetic engineering, we have the possibility of obtaining bioactive substances and various components from farm animals, for example hormones (eg hGH), proteins (lactoferrin), even xenograft organs. 


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Posted on: February 8, 2019

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