Diuresis – that is, dehydrate before the competition without diuretics


Okay, so it’s like I promised, a recipe for final dehydration (diuresis) before the competition without the use of diuretics. 

It will probably be useful not only for professional bodybuilders but also for some people with very low% bf who 

they want to see themselves in bodybuilders’ skins. 

We are guided by the principle – to dehydrate, we first need to properly hydrate and the principle of shocking the body. 

Ok, so we’re going. 


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I. Complete glycogen drainage and its overcompensation 

As you know, our muscles are filled with reserve material or glycogen (a long chain of carbohydrates). 

It is also known that the breakdown of muscle glycogen occurs under different conditions and requires other factors than emptying 

glycogen in the liver. 

Under normal conditions, the muscles contain about 1.5-2 g of glycogen per 100 g of muscle. Research has shown that 

a three-day low carb diet combined with hard workouts involving all muscles causes a decrease 

amount of glycogen to about 0.6g per 100g of muscle. After such an effort and diet, when I start to consume large amounts of carbohydrates 

with a large amount of fluids, glycogen levels are regulated higher than normal 3.5-4g of glycogen per 100g of muscle (already known to us from CKD and other diets, the phenomenon of overcompensation). 

It should be remembered that every 1g of glycogen draws 2.7g of water with it. This means that if our example bodybuilder has 45kg of muscle in the body (not to be confused with lean body mass) 

It can increase its weight by 4.86 kg after glycogen charging. All this weight comes from glycogen and water. 


During three days of loading, we eat about 400-600g of carbohydrates every day. 

Other bodybuilders advise 2 days of depletion and 2 days of loading (then the amount of carbohydrates increased to 800-900g). 

a) Depletion training. 

During the first 2-3 days, a glycogen (depletion) rinsing training should be performed. 

This training oscillates in the range of 8-12 repetitions (as we have 3 days for rinsing we can afford a milder depletion), short breaks between sets, 

we do not lead to muscle fall. 

Where we drive 2 days depletion, 2 days charging, we do 12-15 repetitions in a series. 


Sample training

Squeezing lay 8-12 

Squeezing from behind the head 8-12 

Rowing in precipitation 8-12 

Bending shoulders with barbells 8-12 

French squeezing 8-12 

Squats 8-12 

Belly 15 


This is one circuit, for each lot after one series and we repeat this circuit 3-4 times. 

We do such training three days in a row. 



II. Aldosterone and sodium supply 

One of the hormones responsible for water retention is aldosterone 

It is activated in the case of low sodium supply. 

Aldosterone, in turn, regulates the concentration 

sodium and the same volume of water in the body, which affects the volume and pressure 

blood, it increases the reabsorption of sodium and water in the kidney tubules. 

In short – a very low supply of sodium causes water retention – that’s all we need to know. 






III. Loading large amounts of water 



It sounds a bit strange, but in order to dehydrate and get rid of the subcutaneous water, you must first contain large amounts of water. 

To understand this, we must go deeper into human physiology and look at it from the endocrine point of view. 



Your body produces two types of peptide and steroid hormones. 

Steroids are produced only when their body needs peptide, while they are not needed. 

There are two important hormones that control the body’s water management – the first one is ADH (Anti Diuretic Hormone) – for us this hormone is bad, it keeps the body in water. 

Its secretion causes blocked excretion of water from the body. There are several factors affecting its secretion 



a) Electrolyte concentration in the plasma – when it is low, ADH production is blocked when high – resumed. – The most important factor. 

b) Blood volume – At low volume ADH is produced, with high blocking. 



The second important hormone is ANH (Atrial Natriuretic Hormone) – For us it is a good hormone. 

It gives the kidneys signal to expel sodium in the urine. 

ANH interacts with other hormones to regulate their production. It inhibits the secretion of ACTH and ADH. 

It is produced with a large volume of blood. 



This brief biochemistry lecture is needed to understand how important it is to drink plenty of fluids to get rid of water. 

General conclusion To get rid of subcutaneous water, block the secretion of ADH and aldosterone – you should drink more water and increase the supply of sodium. 

Doing so will directly block the secretion of ADH and aldosterone. In addition, if there is a lot of liquid in the body for a long time 

not only the amount of ANH but also the rate of its production will be increased. 

Low amount of sodium and high water -> remodeling of aldosterone and ADH, increased secretion of ANH -> Expulsion of subcutaneous water 



IV. How do you put it all together? 

Okay now, I’m going to write how to put it all together to make it work well with the competition. Let’s say the show is on Sundays. 

Of course, I assume you have low fat levels, you know your diet (you are not a beginner) and you do not have to write some obvious facts. 



Sunday – Depletion 

Monday – Depletion 

Tuesday – Depletion 

Wednesday – Carb-load 

Thursday – Carb-load 

Friday – Carb-load 



How about sodium intake? 

Starting from Sunday until Wednesday (including Wednesday), increase sodium consumption by eating appropriate food (egg whites, tuna) and add salt to the dishes. 

Trim completely sodium from Thursday – including Thursday (chicken breast, turkey and other foods without sodium). Carbohydrate sources also WITHOUT sodium. 



When the sodium intake is limited two days before the competition, the body will start to expel water. You make a drastic change – the body reacts drastically. 

This condition lasts until the body notices that the sodium level has returned to normal. 


When sodium is no longer consumed by the body it takes two to two and a half days to “notice that it has been” cheated;). 

That’s why setting the right time is so important. 


Water consumption 

Friday-Wednesday – 8 liters of water a day 

Thursday – Reduce water uptake to 6 liters 

Friday – Reduce water consumption to 4 liters on Friday 

Stop drinking 8-10 hours before the competition. 


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Posted on: February 19, 2019

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