Dietetic preserves


The climate prevailing in Poland means that for a significant part of the year we have limited access to fresh fruit and vegetables, while the warmer months provide good harvests.Making preserves is the best way to use the excess fruit and vegetables, and at the same time to provide yourself a tasty food for the winter.Unfortunately, some products are on the list of products that are not conducive to maintaining a slim figure.This does not mean, however, that we have to give up on them.It’s enough to know how to prepare good preserves.




Dietary jams and plum jam

Jams bought in stores contain a lot of sugar and chemical additives, for example, sodium benzoate or sorbic acid.100 grams of jam contains 35 to 60 grams of sugar and provides between 140 and 250 calories.Jams made at home are usually without artificial additives, but they also have a lot of sugar.Making a jam that will be sweet and thick, and at the same time diet and healthy seems impossible.It seems because it is not a problem that could not be solved.Sugar can be replaced with natural sweeteners, such as stevia, erythritol or xylitol.It should be remembered that these sweeteners are not used in the same amounts as sugar.Such products will make the jam sweet, but will not give it the right consistency.To make the jam thick, you should add agar-agar to it, for example.It’s a product that surely knows vegetarians and vegans well because it is a very good alternative to gelatin.Agar-agar is obtained from algae.It should be used in proportions of 3-4 teaspoons per 1 kg of fruit.Another suggestion is chia seeds, which absorb excess water and give the jam a gel consistency.Sage Spanish is a source of valuable substances for health, so adding it to homemade preserves is a great idea.Chia seeds should be used in proportions of 4-5 tablespoons per 1 kg of fruit. Such a jam can be recommended not only to people who want to get or keep a slim figure, but also diabetics and all who like to eat healthy food.It is even simpler to prepare dietary preserves.In this case, you do not need sweeteners or thickeners, and the preparation of preserves looks almost the same as with traditional puddings.The only difference is that we do not add sugar.No pasteurization is necessary.


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Vegetable preserves

Recipes for vegetable preserves do not require major modifications, because most of them can be considered as dietary. These types of preparations are prepared from low-calorie vegetables, such as zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage or squash.Some have some concerns about the pickle, which is added, for example, to vegetable salads.Its ingredients are usually sugar and salt.However, the amount of such additives is small, and the flooding is poured, so in vegetables will be very little sugar. For vegetable preserves, it is worth adding spices that help slimming, for example pepper, ginger or fresh herbs.

It is hard to deny that the self-preparation of preserves is time-consuming and tiring. Those who decide to buy finished products should carefully read their composition.It may turn out that jam sold as a dietary product is nonetheless fattening than ordinary products.


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Posted on: January 2, 2019

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