Dead string – the king of all exercises


Big and known names of the world of bodybuilding, biathlon and powerlifting unanimously treat the deadlift as the best exercise of all. In their opinion, if the training were to be based only on one exercise, it would be a deadlift. The benefits of proper exercise are enormous. It is therefore worth to attach this exercise to our training and take advantage of the benefits it brings to our body.


  1. Deadlift and back pain

The opinion is that a deadlift destroys the back. That’s right – deadlift destroys the back, but only when it is badly made. A deadlift also scares away a significant portion of the level of difficulty training. Those who can not do this exercise are very soon discouraged from further attempts.


  1. Coordination of movements during deadlift

A deadlift may seem like a very complicated exercise, but if we learn its basics, it will turn out that “the devil is not so scary as they paint him”. This exercise is based on a simple lever that involves a large number of muscles in our body. Coordinating so many muscle groups usually turns out to be much more difficult than eg squeezing on a straight bench.

Usually when we ask about deadlift rules, we hear that the most important are straight backs and that our hips have to go down low. The truth, however, is that each of us is different, each of us has a different length of limbs, different bone structure, different position of the pelvis, thus maintaining the same position by everyone is almost impossible. We are too different from each other. That’s why the deadlift and the coordination itself will look a bit different.

In my opinion, when leaving the hips, the most important is to descend so low that you can grab the neck. I think it makes no sense to lower the hips to the ground by people who have poorly developed leg muscles. Why? Because they will have a lifting problem, and this will result in a fight with the weight using only the back. Unfortunately, it will look very dangerous, and it will be very dangerous!

Pulling with a slightly larger or smaller hump is also not bad, provided that the curvature of the back does not change during the fight with a weight. An important aspect is also breath control. Hardly anybody attaches importance to it. Those who perform a deadlift with a tightly clamped belt on the loins go down low trying to get air. I deliberately wrote “trying to get married” because they do not have the opportunity because of the belt. The work of the abdomen and breath must constitute perfect unity.


  1. Technique

The full concentration on the exercise is very important. We stand in front of the barbell (legs in line with the arms) in such a way that our tibias touch the neck. Then we get air. It’s important not to take too much of it. We stretch the stomach and go down to the moment we grab the barbell. Initially we lift the weight with the help of legs. At this time, the back remains immobile. When the bar is at the height of our knees, only then we begin to straighten our back.


  1. A deadlift for beginners

Deadlifters can also do beginners. The same principles apply to them, which have been described above, except for one difference – they start with a small weight.

We approach the barbell in such a way that the shanks touch the barbell. Standing straight, we stabilize our position, we pull the shoulders and in the first phase of the movement push the hips back, starting to lower the position. We grab the griffin and get up from our legs. When the bar is at the knee level, we straighten the back. It is very important to close the movement in the hip joint and stand up straight.

Often you can see the use of a belt when deadlift. I am of the opinion that the belt should only be used when we are breaking a record or taking part in competitions. The belt is designed to stabilize our deep muscles during deadlift. The deadlift itself has these muscles to develop … so what’s the logic here ?! We develop muscles that are blocked by the waist ?! For this we do a deadlift so that our muscles naturally create a specific belt that protects the loin.


  1. The advantages of deadlift

As mentioned above, in addition to developing our deep muscles responsible for the stabilization of the torso, deadlift allows to develop such muscles as the widest ridge, buttocks, two-headed thighs and the spine extender. In addition, it causes a large boost of testosterone and somatotropin, or growth hormone. These hormones have a beneficial effect on the formation of dry and strong muscle mass.


  1. Summary

A deadlift is a very effective exercise, provided it is done correctly. It has a lot of advantages, but performed incorrectly can result in a serious injury. It is therefore worth devoting time to improving the technique with the griffin, only to be able to later add weight to the barbell.

Posted on: November 15, 2018

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