Dance and lose weight


The most pleasant of slimming workouts, the most feminine of sports – dancing is a pleasure, a way to relieve stress but also a free coupon for a great figure. Do you choose modern fitness varieties such as Zumba or Sh’Bam, or free dancing at home.


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While dancing, we forget about the need to lose calories and repeat the impacts with a hundred times. We play, relax, relax and at the same time we phenomenally sculpt the body and improve the condition. Depending on the rhythm, we burn from 250 to 500 kcal in an hour. In addition, we learn to coordinate, grace and shape our sex appeal. They use not only the legs, but also the waist, bust and shoulders, and above all the whole attitude. The risk of injury is really negligible.
And before we even look, we begin to move with the grace and lightness of the butterfly! 


Types of dance 

In contrast to aerobics or yoga, the advantage of the dance is its diversity … which can be adapted to any type of personality, temperament and fitness. So we have a choice 

Classical dance or ballet – requiring high physical fitness and flexibility; however ballet science is the time of sacrifice and hard training, some elements of this dance can be put into your own danceflashes, because they add grace and shape your posture wonderfully. 

Modern dance – also requires great coordination of the body, but is suitable for everyone, at least in the basics. Depending on your rhythmic preferences, we can choose from modern jazz, street jazz, hip-hop, breakdance or dancehall. A perfect idea for those who like to show off on the dance floor. 

Social dance – that is everything we know from Dancing with the Stars – cha-cha, charleston, rumba, mamba, folkstrot, jive … It requires an instructor, familiarity with steps and partner … and of course it can be a great introduction to the romance. Dance workshops can be found in virtually every city. 

Ethnic dances – for those who like the originality and taste of the exotic. Often less demanding but ideal for fun and relaxation. Capoeira, African dance, Irish, Flamenco, Lambada, Salsa … is something to choose from. 

Fitness dance – a combination of aerobics and dance elements. The most popular lately are zumba and sh’bam.

Zumba and Sh’bam 



Inspired by Latino rhythms, the fusion of aerobics and dances such as cha-cha, rumba, twist, samba, flamenco, reggeaton or even belly dancing. Very energetic, simple to learn steps and sequences that activate all parts of the body. Squeezes the seventh sweat but it can be fun. 


A form of rhythmics of medium intensity and simple choreography performed for popular music hits of recent years – disco, techno, mixed classic, hip-hop. It is intended as a form of not only movement, but also making contacts and playing together.


Good dance advice

You do not have to go to workshops or lessons – just a piece of floor at home, leggings or shorts and a comfortable bra and favorite music. 

Dance as if nobody was watching – do not be ashamed of any moves, wake up the beast in yourself and pop out all the stress and all gray thoughts. 

Dance barefoot – it’s great gymnastics for the feet and a respite from shoes and socks. 

Try to make one session longer than 30 minutes – by prolonging the aerobic effort, we start to reach fat reserves stored on thighs or in the waist. 

By dancing the thought of your body in a positive way – look in the mirror, imagine that you are the star of the dance floor, that you are watching the delighted looks. This is the best recipe for complexes. 

Try to engage the largest parts of the body – from the feet to the wrists. Keep your back straight and your stomach pulled in! 


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Posted on: April 24, 2019

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