Cutting Edge


Cutting Edge

– comprehensive fat burning effect;

– mild impact on the body;

– diureticoyll-sl – delicate diuretic properties;

– does not increase blood pressure or body temperature;

– good stimulating properties.


Cutting Edge fat burner suitable for women is an extremely carefully developed supplement. It does not stimulate, irritate, increase blood pressure or body temperature. Side effects do not occur. The latest version of Cutting Edge  is made on the basis of extremely useful technology. Well, the capsules that are in the package are really the minimum size, so they are not the slightest problem when swallowing. In addition, the concentrated form of the supplement ensures better action of active ingredients on our body.

Cutting Edge is a combination of amino acids, natural diuretics and appropriate lipo-synergistic substances that intensify one another (L-carnitine, choline, inositol, lecithin, L-methionine, linolenic acid). The product works in a very natural way for our body. It does not interfere with thermogenesis or stimulate the nervous system, and instead fits into the natural metabolic pathways, improving their performance. Facilitates the conversion of localized fat under the skin in a useful energy during training.

In addition, the combination of natural plant extracts forming the complex diureticoyll-sl © facilitates the removal of subcutaneous water, which is a common problem when trying to lose weight.

Cutting Edge is a 100% natural supplement, it does not contain sugar, salt, preservatives or artificial additives in the form of aromas or colours.

Posted on: September 25, 2018

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