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The essence of healthy nutrition is not only the completion of a balanced diet, but also the proper preparation of meals. Remember that only properly prepared dishes will contain the optimum nutritional value.

Fashion for a couple nFor recently, the method of making steamed food is very popular in Poland. Thanks to it, the dishes retain the necessary ingredients for health. The pair does not destroy vitamins, it allows you to maintain the visual and taste qualities of vegetables and the aromas of meats and fish.

However, this method requires some preparation. We will not go without special accessories. An appropriate food basket is required to hang on the edges of the pot or steam cooker, which will allow you to cook even a few dishes at the same time. It is interesting that steam cooking quickly gained the status of a new culinary trend. It allows you to provide healthy and tasty meals at the same time.

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Healthy or in a vacuum

A little known but very interesting way to prepare steamed vegetables is cooking in a vacuum. Add vegetables to the vacuum dish, add two tablespoons of water, put on the lid, remove the air with a pump and place in the microwave for a few minutes. The cooking period in this case is extremely short, lasting 5 to 8 minutes. Thanks to this, food preserves the maximum amount of vitamins and microelements. This method also allows the preparation of soups. The selected ingredients are filled with boiling water, we create a vacuum, and then the soup is cooked completely by itself. Vacuum in a vacuum causes that the boiling temperature of water is reduced, therefore in a much shorter time we obtain a ready dish, with valuable ingredients not destroyed. On the Polish market there are already available systems for vacuum food storage of the German superVAC brand, enabling such a way of preparing a meal.


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Diet and oven

Contrary to appearances, baking does not have to be a calorific and unhealthy form of cooking. If we use a few simple ways, dishes from the oven will be not only delicious, but also valuable. First of all, we limit the fats to the maximum. One of the methods of roasting meat is the use of grate, which allows to melt fat. A perfect choice is also a sleeve, thanks to which meat kept in a homemade sauce becomes soft and juicy. When baking in a roasting pan, water the ingredients with broth or water to prevent the food from drying out. Fish can be baked in aluminum foil, which will protect against the formation of crunchy and caloric skin. Vegetables are also perfectly suitable for baking in the oven, provided that we minimize the time of their thermal treatment.


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Friendly grill

There are almost legends about preparing dishes on the grill. Many people ask themselves whether grilling can be healthy. Yes, but only if it is done the right way. The basic principle is the use of charcoal specially designed for this purpose in the grill. Thanks to this, we can be sure that harmful substances released during combustion will not penetrate into the food. It is also important to grill over hot coal, not on a full fire. Meat placed on the grill should be as light as possible, the remaining fat will melt hot, thanks to which the meal will be less calorific. Do not forget about fruits and vegetables, which prepared on the grill taste great.

The frying pan is not so bad

Interestingly, even frying can be quite a healthy form of cooking, if you just avoid using fat. Fat-free frying enables frying pans with a thick bottom, covered with a special non-stick coating and those made of high-quality steel. However, if we can not do without a bit of fat, it is worth using primarily vegetable oil, such as rapeseed oil, and the prepared dishes are drained with a paper towel. Thanks to this, we will minimize the absorption of unhealthy substances and unnecessary calories.

Posted on: January 16, 2019

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