Contraindications to the use of fat burners


Fat burning supplements, despite proven safety, cannot be used by all people. Active substances contained in the composition of these products most often cause such effects as a rise in pressure, increase in body temperature or increase in the work of the heart.

This mobilizing nature of thermogenics, unfortunately, will not be well tolerated in the following cases:

– pregnancy and lactation – this is an extremely important period in the life of every woman, therefore, caution during the upcoming motherhood should be particularly intensified. The developing foetus as well as the magnitude of hormonal changes can pose a great threat to health when using a thermogenic preparation;

diabetes – some components of fat burners may affect the glucose and insulin metabolism of the body, resulting in premature hypoglycaemia. Frequently used by diabetics, drugs may enter into undesirable interactions with thermogenic supplements, and this in turn may lead to metabolic disorders. People with diabetes should immediately contact a dietitian or doctor before starting supplementation with this type of nutrients;

– cardiovascular diseases – some mobilizing ingredients such as caffeine, guarana or synforine increase the amount of catecholamines, which in turn lead to an increase in blood pressure. Excessive pressure results in faster heart muscle work, and this in turn is a very dangerous situation for people with heart rhythm disorders or after a stroke or a heart attack. An additional increase in blood flow or elevated temperature may exacerbate symptoms in people with hypertension;

– neurological diseases and disorders – it’s not difficult to guess that dietary supplements also affect the central part of our body, i.e. the nervous system. In the case of healthy people, fat burner ingredients cause a lowering of the fatigue threshold, which allows for longer and more intense workouts. In addition, they lead to decreased appetite and agitation. In the presence of neurological diseases or defects, they may lead to confusion states, concentration and attention disorders, dizziness, depressed mood and increased aggression.

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Posted on: September 23, 2018

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