Coffee – does it have slimming properties?


Many of us can not imagine a day without morning coffee.Although it is mainly treated as a source of energy kick for the rest of the day, you can often hear about its slimming properties.How is it really?Can coffee really have a positive effect on slimming?

Will we lose weight while drinking coffee?

You can often find the opinion that drinking coffee intensifies the process of burning fat and eating it alone may lead to weight loss.This is not so unlikely, because it has been proven that such properties have even the red Pu-Erh tea.Regular drinking of red tea, without changing the diet, can bring noticeable effects.

Does the coffee work the same? Not necessarily. Although it also has caffeine (in tea, the compound is called teine), the effectiveness of Pu-Erh tea is not necessarily related to its effects.It is of great importance that the red tea extract inhibits the pancreatic lipase, and thus the absorption of fat from food.This in turn may lead to the formation of a caloric deficit, which is the most important condition for slimming.

A natural fat burner

It does not change the fact that coffee can be a great ally in the fight for a better figure.It is worth noting that it increases (though to a small extent) the metabolism and stimulates lipolysis, i.e. the process of releasing fatty acids into the blood, which are then burnt.This is extremely important, because during weight loss should be directed the body so that during the deficit derives energy from back-up sources in the form of body fat, and not decomposed proteins, that is muscle.With that in mind, we can say that coffee is a natural fat burner that you’ll find in every kitchen.

What coffee to drink?

Now we are getting to the point.Although all the guides mention slimming coffee, they obviously do not mean a chocolate latte with whipped cream.For coffee to show its slimming properties and bring benefits, it is best to eat it without sugar and milk (yes, cream also applies).These kinds of coffee supplements only increase its calorific value and may have the opposite effect to the one expected.Sugar or fat will not only provide additional calories, but also stop the process of lipolysis (fat burning).For an unconverted cup of ordinary, bitter coffee contains only about 4 kcal, which is almost negligible.For comparison, fashionable coffee from the popular chain can contain up to 550 kcal!It’s more than it contains a Big Mac!

Here you will find the best fat burners!

Stimulating coffee

Not without significance is the fact that milk slows the absorption of caffeine, and therefore its energizing properties.And it is them, to a large extent, that can be used during weight loss.Drinking espresso or a small black one before training will give you energy, stimulate action and help you concentrate.It is not without reason that caffeine (usually anhydrous caffeine) is one of the basic ingredients of pre-workout supplements designed to increase the body’s capacity.Thanks to coffee, you will do a heavier and better quality workout, even after many hours of work.

Coffee and appetite for sweet

Another important action of coffee is prevention of hunger.How?This is due to the fact that coffee suppresses the appetite, especially the appetite for sweet.Shortly after drinking coffee, you can feel a sense of fullness and even unwillingness to eat food.This is related to increased glucose levels, but not only.Coffee irritates our intestines, which may result in a lack of appetite.A cup of coffee can be a great way to break the urge to sweet.Just remember not to drink more than 2-4 cups a day.

What supplements will help you fight against excessive appetite?

Low calorie coffee additives

Bitter coffee tastes great and we encourage you to get used to its taste.For many people, however, this will be impossible to overcome, which is why we offer low-calorie substitutes for sugar, cream or coffee syrup.If you want to improve the taste of coffee and not lose its valuable properties, sweeten it with xylitol or stevia.An excellent addition will also be a pinch of cinnamon, which will give the coffee an extremely aromatic, gingerbread aftertaste.Avoid shop sprinkles, marshmallows or flavored syrups – it’s the sugar itself.

In conclusion, coffee can be a very good ally of weight loss.It will help both burn fat tissue and intensify slimming training.In addition, it contains valuable vitamins and minerals (though poorly digestible) and, as the myth says, it does not flush out magnesium.However, remember that it is only an addition to a balanced diet and physical activity.Take advantage of the potential hidden in coffee and use it every day.Interestingly, it is much better to drink it every day (2-4 cups) than occasionally.The higher the tolerance to caffeine, the more positive effects coffee brings.We guarantee that slimming with coffee is much more pleasant.


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Posted on: December 17, 2018

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