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Coca-Cola in every refrigerator in the world. This is Coca-Cola’s mission. Being the best satisfied customer desires is perhaps not so original, but works quite well as Pepsi’s mission. In addition, if they get bored, they can resell the password to a nearby agency. 

Being on vacation in a classic tourist destination, where hundreds of thousands of tourists make pilgrimages every year, including those who are thirsty not only for fizzy teens, but also those who dream about their first time on the beach at sunset with a golden band and a mobile with MMS support, something I noticed. 


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It was impossible not to notice. It can not be, it just can not be done – I tried to look in such a direction that I would not see the logo / advertisement / fridge of one of these two companies. The Cola and Pepsi logo has become an element of the landscape. It’s scary to think how much of this stuff we drink every day. 

And what happens to our body if we drink Coke? Wade Meredith described this for us two years ago. 

Why do advertisements of these drinks show smiling people? Because they are intoxicating you. With the difference that narcotic drugs (cocaine) has not been in the middle for almost a century. Why? Because they were unnecessary. 

During the first 10 minutes after drinking Cola can, 10 teaspoons of sugar rubs against your constraints. You have just satisfied 100% of the daily demand for it. You do not vomit because you are sucked out by phosphoric acid. After 20 minutes, the sugar is already in the blood, causing an insulin shot. 

Your liver defends itself, turning all the sugar it has at hand into fat. And he has a lot of it now. After 40 minutes you will already be able to absorb all the caffeine. The pupils dilate, raise blood pressure. In response, the liver will pump another portion of sugar into the blood. The adenosine receptors in the brain become blocked, which will increase concentration and inhibit drowsiness. 

After three quarters of an hour, the production of dopamine starts, which pleasantly irritates pleasure centers in your brain. Exactly the same as heroin can do for you. 

The cleaning begins after one hour. Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in the intestine, accelerating the metabolic rate. A high dose of sugar and artificial sweeteners additionally increases the excretion of calcium in the urine. Diuretic properties of caffeine are added to this. You must go to the toilet. It’s time to get rid of the minerals that until now, not sensing anything, have gone to your bones. You will get rid of sodium, electrolytes, microelements that could be used to hydrate the body or build strong bones and teeth, and all the water you drank with the drink. 

When the sugar level drops, you will become more nervous and slower. In a few hours – and if you smoke, it’s already two – there will be a caffeinated hole. 

Do not worry, drink another Coke. She will make you feel better. 

Because I graduated from medical studies, I wanted to focus primarily on the metabolism of the beverage ingredients. I decided, however, to soften the tone so that it would reach everyone, because a whole lot of biochemical names and processes would simply be incomprehensible. 

I must admit at first that the text is written quite correctly in substance. Straight but also absorbable. Perhaps a slightly subjective way of writing the author has caused a storm, and maybe people simply do not realize how this whole chemistry affects the body; or they do not want to accept this and reach for another glass of drink. 

Pepsi / Coca-Cola – differ in their nuances – probably the quantity or the proportion of the so-called aromas, but the chemical composition is very similar 

  • * water 
  • * carbon dioxide 
  • * sugar 
  • * caramel (dye) 
  • * orthophosphoric acid (acidity regulator) 
  • * caffeine 
  • * aromas. 


I am not a chemist, so I will not go into reactions (and I invite professionals here to develop the subject). 

Unfortunately, producers do not give (apart from the amount of sugar) the content of individual ingredients. Perhaps they do not write, not to scare, because the concentrations of certain substances are harmful to the body. 


And yes 

* caramel – E150d is a synthetic pigment (a, bic – natural) and despite E allowing it to be marketed and considered safe in higher doses, it causes digestive disorders. 

* orthophosphoric acid – E338 – unfortunately to the astonishment of drinking “cola is true that it can be used as a rust remover. If you search well on internet forums, you will find people cleaning old coins with “Coke”. At a concentration of 35% as Fosol is a typical rust removal agent. In addition, it is used for the production of fertilizers. 

If you take into account chemistry, solubility table, then we will find out that this acid – let’s call it – flushes out the calcium contained in tooth enamel. Chemists will know the subject of displacement of magnesium, zinc and calcium salts supplied to the body in food or supplements. And, as RadXcell wrote, these important ions will not get into the bones alone, but also in the brain, muscles and blood. (coagulation processes, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, nucleic acid replication, etc.), so they do not participate in many vital life processes. Compulsive drinking “cola is preventing the absorption of these important elements, and thus consuming them from the storehouses of the system, or bones, which leads to their weakening. 

* caffeine – its operation has been summarized very simply, but very well – the very essence. To compensate, it can be added that there is more caffeine in coffee. With the fact that after drinking one cup of coffee, most do not reach for the next one. And here the negative advantage of “cola. In combination with acid and sugar (which is more than the average cup of coffee) gives the imo multiplied destructive effect on the body. 

* sugar – we know for sure 27g in 250mL and according to the label it’s up to 29% of the indicated consumption for a person at 2000kcal / day. This level is reached by people who, apart from sitting behind a desk, have some physical activity. Most of us unfortunately do not show it, and in fact we should provide less energy. And here 3 glasses of drink a day and nothing else to eat or drink should not. 


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Posted on: February 21, 2019

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