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Few people like sudden changes, even if they are changes for the better. We need time to adapt and prepare for new conditions. Our body functions in the same way. Gaining weight, we introduce a series of metabolic changes, hormonal, which return to the normal state takes time – not to mention stretching the skin, which with rapid weight loss becomes limp and hanging. Even if in the future the body will be grateful for losing excess kilograms, we must give it time to get used to the calorie deficit, better food and physical activity. 


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1. The optimal rate of weight loss 

A weight loss of around 0.5 kg per week is considered healthy. In the first weeks, however, often the fall is stronger, because as a result of changes in nutrition or exercising, get rid of excess water in the body. If the pace is too fast, either the caloric deficit is too high or we train too intensively. Fasting, or even the famous diet of about 1000 kcal, will not bring long-lasting effects. The organism with such a low supply of food slows down the metabolic rate so that it does not run out of energy for basic life processes. 

After all, just breathing, we use breathing muscles, and every muscle needs energy for work. One should calculate BMR (basic metabolism) and taking into account physical activity and working mode (sitting, standing, physical), subtract 10% from the calorie number. If we feel well and the energy level does not fall drastically, the deficit may be slightly deepened. 

However, it should be remembered that after obtaining the weight you also need to gradually return to our daily needs. This is an approximate method, because it is impossible to clearly determine the rate of metabolism and the amount of calories burned in a given activity. Therefore, you should observe the body and control the weight. 


2. Overtraining 

If we have not been physically active for the majority of our lives, sudden two-hour training sessions seven days a week can even cause extreme exhaustion of the body. The first symptom will be painful sores caused by the production of lactic acid in the muscles. There will be general weakness, lack of willingness to exercise, loss of muscle strength; prolonged lack of regeneration will lead to breakdown of muscle proteins. 

Instead of kilograms of fat he will lose muscle. Therefore, it has not only a negative effect on the muscle performance effects, but also disrupts the whole body. This condition leads to increased secretion of the stress hormone – cortisol, which will hinder the process of fat loss. Training should therefore be selected to our physical capabilities. Exercising even 3 times a week, but effectively and giving yourself time to regenerate, we will quickly notice changes and acceleration of metabolism 

3. Fat tissue is not just energy material 

Fat tissue has many functions to prevent the body from getting cold, it produces hormones and stores toxins. Fast weight loss will cause the sudden release of toxins stored for years in fat and release them into the bloodstream. Poisoning can be really dangerous and end up being even death. Therefore, during weight loss, it is important to drink a large amount of water, and in some cases to carry out a cleansing treatment to eliminate toxins. 


4. Deep nutritional deficiencies 

Being on a diet, we introduce a calorific deficit, but also the deficit of individual macro- and micronutrients. Most often, the amount of fat consumed is drastically reduced because they provide the most calories. However, it is dangerous, because fats allow you to absorb vitamins A, D, E, K, deficiency carries a number of health-threatening effects – such as weakness of immunity, lack of protective action against the formation of free radicals and anti-cancer protection, deterioration of eyesight and blood hypercoagulability. 

Fats and cholesterol are used for the synthesis of hormones and the construction of cell membranes, as well as the brain. Their deficiency will adversely affect the appearance of the skin, which is of great aesthetic importance during weight loss. Monotonous diets based on a few ingredients may be the cause of deficiencies of other vitamins and elements important for us. It is worth taking care of the appropriate supply of B group vitamins that promote weight loss, eating whole grains and bran. On a reduction diet the most important is the diversity of food and unprocessed food – no elimination diet in the long run will be of no benefit. 


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Posted on: June 21, 2019

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