Causes for quitting a diet

A lot of people declare that they wish to lose some excess weight and use a reduction diet. Unfortunately, problem with overweight and obesity concerns a large part of society, which means that the battle with excessive weight often results in failure. Although some manage to reach their coveted figure, a lot of people resign in the process. It’s worth noting the causes for that.

No weight loss effects

One of the most common issues is a lack of effects from the diet, which discourages further effort. Denying yourself your favourite food and forcing yourself to exercise makes sense when it is rewarded with weight loss. Unfortunately, not everyone is trying to find out what stops the weight going down, although it would allow them to make appropriate changes to get better results. Lack of weight loss is usually caused by the wrong diet. Many people fall into diet traps, which could include, for example, products ‘light’, sweet drinks and products with glucose-fructose syrup. This way you, can daily consume a large dose of extra calories and not be aware of it.

Sometimes water retention can cause the body to stop losing weight. Another reason might be not enough physical activity. Successful weight loss is a combination of proper diet and exercise. If one of these elements is missing, obtaining satisfactory results is virtually impossible. A small pause in the weight reduction is normal after losing a lot of weight, and it passes after a while.

An annoying feeling of hunger

Another reason for giving up a diet is the nagging feeling of hunger, which eventually leads to breaking the diet rules. The causes for this problem may be different. It’s worth checking whether the diet meets body’s energy requirement, which is dependent on the age, sex, height, weight and physical activity. Sometimes hunger is confused with being used to “stress eating” or reaching for food out of boredom. In a situation like that, it’s necessary to find a different way to recover from negative emotions and organise the free time better. Please note that some products only give short-term satiety, so that hunger can re-appear before the nest meal. This mainly applies to all highly processed food. You cannot do without fresh fruit, vegetables and foods rich in fibre in the daily diet. It’s best to introduce new changes in the diet gradually, and avoid cutting drastically on the calories. To fight the hunger, you can use supplements to reduce appetite, which will give the feeling of a full stomach.

Lack of good motivation

It is much easier to survive a diet if you are well motivated for weight reduction. Most people start losing weight, because they want to look good and feel attractive. Unfortunately, this motivation often turns out to be insufficient to overcome the difficulties that arise during the diet. Undoubtedly, the greatest incentive for weight loss should be a concern for health. It’s worth noting what type of health issues can be associated with obesity. A good solution is to create a list of reasons why you decided to start losing weight, and the positive effects of weight reduction. Those who could had a slim figure in the past can use a picture from that time as a motivation. Getting rid of a lot of excess weight takes a lot of time, so you should reward yourself for every small success, which in itself is a motivation to continue putting in the effort. The prize may be, for example, a visit to the massage parlour, buying some interesting books or CD’s of a favourite band.

Bad influence from the environment

Another reason for quitting a diet can be a negative impact of the environment. Not everyone are aware of the health risks that come with excessive weight, and not everyone cares about being attractive. Others argue that fighting excessive weight does not make sense and is bound to fail. Such people can discourage weight loss, which is why it is so important to find people in your surroundings who will provide support in your fight against obesity. A good way to do that is to use online websites that connect individuals looking to lose weight. There are many sites dedicated to weight loss on the internet, where you can make friends with people with the same goals, to exchange some diet experience and gain support in difficult situations. It’s not recommended to hide being on a diet in front of relatives, as in those situations it’s easy to be encouraged to eat treats and snacks by people who do not want to hinder weight loss.

The decision to abandon the diet is often made out of several reasons. Most problems that occur during the diet can be easily solved, so you should honestly answer a question of whether the indicated reasons are not only an excuse.


Posted on: August 20, 2018

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