Carb Cycling – A diet for endomorphics 2/2


The description looks like one day from the carb cycling diet (I call it a school day because I study a day so I train in the evening). As you can see in the training days, we give coals in the morning to have energy for the next. a few hours before training because we need energy for tr and that’s clear. On non-working days Coals in the morning only in 1-2 meals, in my opinion 200g in the right for regeneration. 


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And this is eg a weekend day when we train in the morning 

1. A pre-training meal Scrambled eggs with 6-7 eggs + approx. 200g wholemeal bread 

2. Post-training meal 250g chicken breasts / fish + 200 / 250g rice + vegetables 

3. Oatmeal 200g flakes + bread 50g + tuna 140g + vegetables 

4.200 g chicken breasts curd cheese 200g 

6. Protein nutrient (in my case pro longatum) 

Here is an example of non-training day (I additionally perform on NT 6 days aerobic 20-25 min + 40-60 min. I run in the evening) 

1. Scrambled eggs with 6-7 eggs + approx. 150g wholemeal bread 

2. 200g chicken breast + ok50g yellow cheese + 100g-150g rice / pasta / groats + vegetables 

3. 200g chicken breasts + olive oil 

4. 200g of panga 

5. Curd 250g + olive / seeds 

Description On non-working days Coals in the morning only in 1-2 meals, in my opinion 200g in the right for regeneration. 

I think that these examples perfectly illustrate what this diet is more or less about. I will add from myself that I consider this to be a better alternative to low carb, weight gains are big, you just need to watch the diet, the mirror, the centimeter, the weight to analyze what is going on. If you get too much (I take no more than 1 kg a week), cut it off on non-working days. Coals, for example, you need to know your body a bit. I also recommend this method, mainly endo who have enough to cut out after each masovia because the biceps has grown but the belt is a waste to talk about. Of course you have to have a general idea about diet, that this diet works, I’m happy and I’m not going to return to the classic . The next thing that is important for endomorphs is the quality of carbohydrates consumed, I after a few advice Bodyline doping I threw all carbo, gainers and the more dextrozy from the diet and I’m satisfied, the base is low-carb, cereal, pasta, rice, oatmeal or coals complex it will certainly help in gaining more “pure muscle mass, the rest is a matter of training, etc. 

Potential disadvantages of the Carb Cycling diet 

– harder to watch than a classic 

– there are people who will say that on non-workout days we also need a lot of coals because the muscles grow for 48 hours. After training and also need energy in DNT 

– I often eat a meal of 250g of rice + 250g of meat + vegetables – not everyone can eat it at once / 

-theory of endomorphics and their hypersensitivity to insulin says that smaller meals favor smaller jumps in the level of this hormone which translates into less fat storage and the above-mentioned meal, e.g. “a smaller meal is definitely not 

-home accustomed to 6-7g in on mass (mainly extreme kto) will have problems with using 2g ww in DNT and consider it nonsense 

-Diet differs slightly from the classic which certainly will not appeal to those who do not like “stupid experiments 


I described this diet on the basis of several sources, because on the Internet you can find many versions of this diet (there are versions with no carb days are without, are with moderate carbs, are without etc.) My diet is a compilation of these different types arranged under me, I described it because I can testify that it works on me and I recommend it with a clear conscience, not only endomorphic. I am a good diet for both weight gain and reduction. You can always change a bit, after that you can try 2-3 months, and see how it fits. My notes are just an introduction to this diet. 


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Posted on: February 26, 2019

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