Caffeine for slimming

On the list of ingredients of popular slimming supplements is caffeine. Caffeine is mainly associated with coffee, which stimulates and energizes when appeares drowsiness. The knowledge about its impact on the rate of weight loss is still quite small. Therefore, it is wort to explain why it is used in food supplements so often, and think about whether caffeine is effective.

Caffeine is an alkaloid, which is present in the grain, not only coffee, but cocoa, guarana, and cola nuts fruits. At the beginning it is worth noting that in weight loss helpful is, among other things, the stimulating effect of caffeine. Caffeine affects the cerebral cortex, improving the efficiency of thought, and reducing the feeling of physical and mental fatigue. As a result, we have more strength for sports trainings. You can exercise longer and harder, which translates into a rate of weight reduction.caffeine-kick-60-kaps-235x355

However the effects of caffeine are more complex. After consuming it, increases a glucose level in the body, resulting in inhibition of short-term appetite. From the point of view of the person intersted in the reduction of body weight greater significance has the fact that caffeine speeds up the metabolism. Thanks to it there is an increase in production of gastric juice. According to the researchers drinking one cup of coffee speeds up metabolism by about 3-4%. However, remember that this is a momentary effect, and therefore, no caffeine improves the metabolism permanently.

Also important is the fact that higher doses of caffeine have a thermogenic effect, so during exercisisn you burn more calories. Achieving this effect requires a dose of 300 mg per day. It is worth mentioning that years ago, very popular was the stack consisting of caffeine, ephedrine, and aspirin. Currently, such mixtures are not used, because the use of ephedrine in dietary supplements has been banned.

Opinions on the safety of caffeine are divided, however, there are more positive reviews. It is recognized that taking 500 mg dose of caffeine daily is safe for humans. Some people, however, recommended to avoid supplements containing caffeine. This is particularly true oin the case of people who have hypertension. Caution should be used also in the case of irritabilities and sleep problems, because caffeine can escalate these symptoms. Of course, 500 mg is a total dose of caffeine. In the case of drinking large amounts of coffee, and other caffeinated drinks, you should be very careful with caffeine supplementation.

Posted on: August 17, 2018

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