Building lean muscle mass – possible or not?


Building muscle mass is an indispensable stage when increasing your muscularity. Most cases of increased muscles are associated with a significant increase in body fat. Is it possible to build dry muscle mass? What to do if the amount of fat significantly exceeds the amount of muscle acquired during the weight gain period?

Is it possible to build dry muscle mass?

In theory, you can, in practice, not be so colorful. Theoretically, knowing your zero point in the consumption of calories, you can add a small amount of daily calories to your diet. The result of which will be ideally arranged body requirements for the growth of muscle tissue. In practice, it is extremely difficult and monotonous – which is almost impossible. Any bounce from a rigorous diet may have an undesirable effect.

An exception are two cases. The first of these is outstanding genetics – created for muscle growth, without gaining body fat (extremely rare). The second one are advanced steroid cycles – increasing the volume of muscles without gaining body fat.

So if you are a standard person training naturally, you have to be connected with the fact that after each period of building muscle mass there is a time to reduce body fat (accumulated during the “mass”). Do not pull mass periods indefinitely. Control your height – and above all, do not let discourage a small amount of fat while increasing your muscles. With a little bit of self-denial – you can easily shed it and your muscles will be as you planned!


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What to pay attention not to gain more fat than muscle?

Stick to the set pool of calories. Frequent exceeding of the required caloric supply to the body will result in the deposition of adipose tissue.

Make the proper caloric division – the food itself, so that the calories match, is not enough. Proper distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is essential.

Interpret the quality of macronutrients well. The quality of the macronutrients consumed is equally important. Consuming large amounts of sugars during mass building (sugars = carbohydrates) also promotes the accumulation of adipose tissue.

Will a small deviation when building the mass cause “flooding” with fat?

We are all just human, and so every step away from diets happens to everyone. There is nothing strange about it, and above all nothing bad! If you have a whole week of diet, if you want something “forbidden” on the weekend – just let it go! Let’s not get out of extremes to the extreme. A once-in-a-break (pizza type) will not contribute more to the flooding of hard-working muscles. In addition, even during the reduction period, most personal trainers recommend to eat their favorite dish once a week (thanks to which keeping the diet is much simpler and the benefits of such a small calorie bomb will be a plus).

What to do if I want to increase my muscles, but the fat is already very big?

Of course, you can continue to increase your muscles, but you have to be related to the fact that they will not be visible through the fat covering them. Remember – the further you get when building muscle mass, the more fat you will have to dump! It is important to control the increasing level of fat in the body. It is good not to exceed 20% of body fat during mass building. This way you will prevent very long reduction periods. The longer the reduction – the more muscle you can lose.

Can I convert fat into muscle?

The answer is very simple – no! Any amount of body fat, it is possible to lose only during the reduction period (it is associated with a negative caloric balance – during the day you consume less than your body burns). Let’s face it – it’s not possible to burn fat and increase your muscles at the same time. An exception are people who have just started their adventure with the gym.

What is the best workout for dry muscle mass?

Such a question often falls from the mouths of beginners. Well, for building a figure with the lowest fat ratio corresponds diet. Training is essential if you want your muscles to grow. However, the amount of calories consumed, the type of food and the appropriate type of macronutrients are responsible for building “lean muscle mass”. If you want to keep your body fat in check, do not forget about cardio training.


Almost every period of building muscle mass involves the adipose tissue. The level of accumulated body fat depends on the extent to which you follow the basic nutritional principles. It should not discourage you. After the period of gluttony, it will do you a lot less calories when you shed excess fat. Above all – do not give up!


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Posted on: December 6, 2018

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