Biceps and triceps training – double arm strength with training in super-series


Training in super-series is one of the most effective and known methods for increasing muscle strength and volume. This was confirmed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, giving advice in his articles, books and films. Below you will find an intense workout of biceps and triceps using the super-series method.


Biceps and triceps training in the super-series


For most people exercising, the time they can devote to training counts. Although it is very important to perform all exercises correctly and accurately, you usually want to do them as soon as possible. Training in the super-series is perfect for such cases. In addition, it is worth paying attention to perform exercises in the same part of the gym, so as not to waste time walking back and forth.


Another important element is to practice biceps and triceps in a variety of ways, that is with the help of barbells, dumbbells and lifts or machines. Each of them has unique advantages, thanks to which the training will become complete. It is worth starting with the barbell, then go to the dumbbell and finish on the lift or machine. In addition, in order for the muscles to have no chance to adapt, the number of repetitions should be changed. It is worth to do both small series – 6 repetitions, and larger – even 25 moves.


Before starting, a proper warm-up is necessary. Take light cardio for about 10 minutes to keep your whole body warm and ready for work. Do a few shoulder bends with light dumbbells and push-ups to properly prepare your biceps and triceps.


Super-series of barbells – Bending of the forearms with the barbell + Pressing a narrow grip on the bench


When it comes to increasing muscle size and getting stronger, there are no better exercises than bending shoulders with barbells and squeezing a narrow grip on the bench. Because the exercises involve both hands at the same time, you can use larger weights. The body is still full of strength and should handle such a burden. To limit rest, you can put a barbell in front of the bench and use it to bend your arms immediately after you finish squeezing. If you know your biceps are weaker start with bending your shoulders. If, on the other hand, the triceps are weaker, start by squeezing. Rest between super-series is 90 seconds. This is enough time to regain strength and not lose heat in hot muscles.


Superseries Dumbbells – Straightening the forearms from the forehead while lying on the bench + Bending the forearms in the hammer grip


Exercises with dumbbells stimulate and isolate muscles better, therefore they were placed second in order. If you started the first super-series from biceps, the second one should start with triceps. Two sets of dumbbells must be placed next to the bench to minimize their search time. We use a hammer grip here, because it will involve slightly different parts of the biceps than when weaving the arms with the barbell. For this group of exercises we also choose a large weight, but knowing that we have already done the work in the first super-series we make 4 sets of 10 repetitions. However, to maintain high intensity, we shorten the rest time between the super-series from 90 to 60 seconds. It is at this moment that you will feel the greatest inflating of muscles.


Superseries lift – Bending of the forearms using the lower lift handle + Straightening of the forearms using the upper lift


Exercises on the lift will be a great end to your training and will provide an incredible muscle pump. There is less chance of injury at exercises with the lift, which is important after all the effort has been made. In addition, it insulates muscles even better than exercise with dumbbells. The best part of this connection is that you just have to turn around to start the next exercise. And again, if you started the previous super-series with triceps, now we start with biceps. To maximize the muscle pump, we do three things. First of all, we make slow negative movements. Secondly, we increase the number of repetitions to 25, and at the end we minimize rest only up to 30 seconds between the super-series. It means catching your breath, taking a sip of water and working. The 4 series of these exercises will ensurethat your arms will be inflated and trained as much as possible.


Training plan


Superseries of barbells

  • Bending forearms with barbell standing – 4 sets x 6 repetitions
  • Pressing a narrow grip on the bench – 4 sets x 6 repetitions

Rest 90 seconds between super-series


Superseries of a dumbbell

  • Straightening the forearms from the forehead while lying on the bench – 4 series x 10 repetitions
  • Bending the prezedramion in the hammer grip – 4 sets x 10 repetitions

Rest 60 seconds between super-series


Superseries lift

  • Bending of the forearms using the lower extractor holder – 4 series x 25 repetitions
  • Straightening of the forearms using the upper lift – 4 series x 25 repetitions

Rest 30 seconds between the super-series


Start with a group of muscles that you think is weaker. Each super-series starts with other muscle groups. When you want to do this training again, change the order of the parties you are training.

Posted on: October 30, 2018

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