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Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) belong to a group of supplements that are very popular. They consist of three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. Does this composition and structure of BCAA amino acids guarantee its effectiveness? What is their reliability and what should be their dosage?


BCAA – what is it and what are its sources?

BCAA is a supplement containing three of the group of eight essential exogenous amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine), which must be supplied from the outside, because the human body is unable to produce them by itself.

Foods containing large amounts of BCAA amino acids include milk protein, meat protein, soy protein, wheat protein as well as protein supplements.


BCAA branched amino acids – activity

The thing that makes this supplement extraordinary is its unique metabolism, because it occurs directly in the muscles, not in the liver as with most amino acids. As a consequence, the supplement is absorbed faster than other amino acids, which allows you to save BCAA uptake from the muscles during exercise.

BCAA amino acids have a strong anabolic effect. By applying them, the muscles are better nourished, and as a result, they have better conditions to increase their circuits.

Another important feature of the supplement which is BCAA is its anti-catabolic action. They reduce the loss of muscle tissue during physical activity, as well as in various situations affecting its reduction.

It is worth using BCAA, if the goal is to get rid of body fat. Research shows that branched chain amino acids protect muscle tissue and increase the use of fat as a source of energy.

Through the transamination process, BCAA amino acids can turn into completely different amino acids, which the body just feels shortage. It satisfies many needs related to their lack.

In the human bloodstream there is a balance between BCAA amino acids and tryptophan. If the concentration of BCAA decreases, the concentration of tryptophan increases, which is the precursor of serotonin – a hormone that induces sleep and fatigue. There are speculations that as a result of the participation of BCAA amino acids in the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, their use reduces the fatigue that occurs during long-term training.

BCAA amino acids, along with carbohydrates, is a dietary supplement that has the effect of reducing the level of stress that adversely affects the process of muscle regeneration, and increases the risk of injury. Stress is related to the balance of cortisol-testosterone. Its increase determines the adverse effect on the anabolic processes that build muscle. By using BCAA we can avoid this.


BCAA – dosage

As a result of many studies conducted on people practicing sports, it was found that the optimal dose causing the expected effects in the body is 10 grams of BCAA amino acids throughout the day. It is recommended to use branched chain amino acids during the peri-workout period, e.g. 5g before training and 5g after training.

There are also recommendations that thanks to the BCAA properties, which is muscle protection, it is worth using them on an empty stomach or during long-term training. This not only affects the protection of hard-earned muscles, but also contributes to the burning of unwanted body fat.

It is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the purchased supplement, as not every preparation contains 100% BCAA, which affects the incorrect dosage in relation to intentions. BCAAs belong to the group of relatively safe supplements, because they are contained in everyday products rich in protein. The only side effect is that their excessive amount can make it difficult to absorb other amino acids.


BCAA – reviews


The use of BCAA contributes to the increase of muscle mass and strength. It can also help to speed up regeneration, burn excess body fat, and improve health. It is worth using branched amino acids during periods of intense workouts, when an ever higher level is expected and the risk of injury increases. BCAA is a supplement belonging to a group of preparations with a strong position. He has good opinions among athletes.

Posted on: October 25, 2018

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