Back-concave back


Deepened lordosis, due to spontaneous compensation, excessive kyphosis and deepened cervical lordosis was created !! 

weakened and excessively stretched abdominal muscles and hip extensors 

-trained and increased muscle tension, extensors of the back and flexors of the hip 

– the same applies to the neck 

i.e. the pelvic and lithium rhythm is distorted and looks like this 

mm b + pb <pg + pb a should look like b + pb = pg + pb 


goal – strengthening of weakened and stretched muscles 

– contracting contaminated 


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training tips 

– after warming up, for example, 5 minutes for a bike we perform stretching (contraction of a given muscle 5 sec, 3 sec rest and deepen to max and endure 10 sec), exercises performed in isolated positions, lying best or sitting !!! extend mm 

– flexing the hip joint, in the front, we bend one limb in the knee, we grasp and stretch and change for the second we take 

– straighten the backbend normally on the chair and bend the tulow by reaching with the hands of the floor, we do not pay attention to sitting or sitting on the ground because we also work to a large extent on hip calluses, which we know are weakened, 

– before extending the chest, we perform a test because it can be contorted, but it does not have to be a bad habit! we put on the back and try to get the so-called pajacyka over the top but in the elbow joints full extension, if the hands meet over the head going constantly on the substrate, we do not have a crushed pieroswych !!!! if you break off the stiff ……. 

– and if so, we put our backs on and hmm we make the same move with the pajacykach and until we feel the pain and we stay, 

-they can also stand, we lean the hand on the wall, bend in the lap joint in three different planes, that is, we extend the heights (ie we do streczing !!!), that is, the upper end is visited to 135 degrees and we perform bending in a horizontal plane, the same ending visits to the angle of 90 degrees and 45 degrees. so many ranges because we have 3 actons in the chest muscle more … 


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after stretching we do still … posing in front of the mirror watching and the best as someone tells us what to do and try to keep this attitude by 5 mninutek just walking, etc. thinking constantly and making corrections with a person somebody there, hehe (preferably therapetuty) … …… 


only now we start the right training … .. 

I will not write about splits, fbw, or hst, etc., everyone does what he wants and how he wants but a technique like the one I wrote 

add this addition 

doing eg rozietki, squeezing on a flat or slant we can have a ball (indifferently, slightly inflated, preferably rubber, but in order to withstand the weight of the exerciser plus the load) to put between the shoulders, not forgetting the triceps in the lower limbs 

priority – we strengthen the muscles of the abdomen through all kinds of exercises, without any load, we build more endurance, in the lying position, diagonally, the bottom hemispheres always in the threesome, and the cancer does not weave around the neck we only hold on the cage or in the air 

– hip joints we do on the Roman bench and on the reverse of the Roman bench, as I already said only to the pose !!!!!! 

– also on the machine for bending in the knee joints, but here we also pay attention to the lordoze we are trying to maintain tension in the buttocks, how we can not take it, remove the burden, and go further. 

now I will write as if I modified some typical strength exercises 

– squeezing on a bench, lying or slanting; legs are raised to the top, we pay the best (lying position, bottom limbs in threefold), categorically forbidden bridge threefold, we strongly pin shoulders 

-stojac also try to tighten buttocks and pull the shoulders and stretch the stomach … 

(we still think about the correct figure, it’s best to have a mirror, biofeedbeck (we are improving ourselves!) 

– Roman tube so far, with only that to the level we do, without hyperextension, focus on a larger number of repetitions to build endurance, (under the stomach we lay the struggle, or a towel folded to reduce lordosis ledge) 

– to take a seat sitting on the machine or lying on a bench with a backrest on the chest and also a roller under the stomach, and it is very important to maintain the correct posture, i.e. keep the cage pushed forward without deepening the laryngeal larynx, scabbard, small burden, a lot of repetition, focus August, we are still thinking, we are flattering in the exercise 

if the technique allows us to gradually increase the weights … 


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what would I let go for the time of fighting the defect 

all exercises in the axial load, because we have a disturbed pelvic and lithium rhythm, about which I wrote above, we will return to these exercises only after getting an improvement, and when she will not know anyone.

I would forget about the cervical segment as the last exercises we do in the back lying bend, we touch the beard of the bridge about 25 to 50 repetitions, and sweat sktrety in the same position, once to the left once again to the right also about 25-50, the normal pace.After training, also stretching (including doing exercises elongation, overhangs on ladders, deeply breathing) 5 minutes and after him 5 minutes “pose again … 

That is, on a horseback 

Always in all exercises we level the lordoze of the ledge by performing in the position of lying behind the threefold in the lower limbs, and lying in front of the underlayment roller under the stomach! 

Important in all this is that we have a fixed posture in “brain for several years / years and she is correct for our body, it takes some time to learn a new physiological posture. The truth is that increasing the range of motion and increasing the strength / strength of the meat will not give us anything as we do not learn to maintain proper posture, so we must learn the wrong habits of everyday life (lifting items, going up the stairs, and finally locomotion and only at the end of the gym) it makes a joke with it at the end> it is POSTURAL REEDUCATION, all this process and it is not so simple for us. 

Posted on: January 28, 2019

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