Are you going between meals?


Feeling guilty or satisfaction – what should prevail when you eat something you should not have? The answer is simple and will comfort anyone who wants to lose weight.

You hesitate to reach for one cookie. In the end, you reach, and after a while it comes to you that the packet disappeared not one, but six cookies, which makes you feel terrible. Do you know this secularist? Not you one / one.

Researchers at the University of Canterbury asked 300 women between the ages of 18 and 86 for their attitude to food and the goals of slimming. Those of them who confirmed that reaching for unscheduled snacks caused them guilt (and they constituted 27% of respondents) for 18 months more than those who had no sense of guilt reaching for cookies.

Feeling guilty means that the pleasure of eating decreases. In addition, falling samoocena – jestem beznadziejna / hopeless, because again I ate something I had to avoid. And when self-esteem falls, the risk of making bad choices increases. So the risk of eating a biscuit pack of biscuits, a drop in self-esteem and … so on. The circle closes, making the introduction of positive changes in the way of eating becomes extremely difficult. How to get out of this?

  1. Think wisely. Everyone likes to eat something, it should not be in an ideal menu. If you are in the initial phase of modifying your diet, it is simply unrealistic to give up absolutely all your favorite delicacies. That’s why when you happen to reach for one of them, instead of feeling guilty, enjoy the taste of your favorite fruit forbidden . And go back to a healthy diet.
  2. If planning a healthy diet takes your thoughts all day, you risk being obsessed. Just try to keep healthy or healthier choices on a regular basis without thinking about what you will eat for the next week.
  3. Do not look for excuses to reach for your favorite but unhealthy snack. Turn it into your menu and when the time comes to eat it, enjoy it! Just try to control its size (eat two cookies instead of eight!).
  4. Introduce small but consistent changes in the current way of nutrition. The rapid deprivation of everything you like will make you feel a loss, and these changes are meant to gain something! Making small changes gives you a better chance of going from a bad diet to a healthy diet without any stress.
  5. Do not use the principle of everything or nothing – or totally healthy food, or screw it up – I eat as much as I want. Be flexible / flexible. A few deviations from the generally good menu will not make all your efforts go to waste. Think the opposite – every healthy choice is already a success.
Posted on: October 19, 2018

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