Alcohol party – how to minimize the effects?


To the fact that alcohol has a negative effect on the body, we do not need to convince anyone, we always reach for it either for drowning sorrows or for encouraging ourselves and most often drinking in the company of friends during the meetings. Hardly anyone realizes what really happens with our organism after drinking alcohol as the internal organs react and what overdose may end. 

Circulatory system 

There is a change in myocardium, which becomes weaker, hypertension develops. The risk of heart disease increases like anemia, shortage of energy compounds, it leads to disturbances in heart rhythm, disturbs protein synthesis and thus damages cellular structures. 


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The nervous system 

The specific action of alcohol is the effects on the nervous system. Alcohol weakens or eliminates reflexes, sensory disturbances, and even eye problems caused by damage to the optic nerve (also a bad effect on hearing, touch, taste). In addition, it has a disastrous effect on one of the most important, not our most important organ, namely the brain. As alcohol inhibits the absorption of nutrients (including glucose, which is the basic fuel of our brain), it causes that it is limited to nutrients and thus does not work properly. It makes the brain cells temporarily impaired, causes disturbances of concentration, balance, memory, weakens reflexes, prevents concentration, and makes decisions difficult. 


The immune system 

Alcohol causes people who abuse it to reduce their resistance to infections and viruses. Alcohol in people with elevated temperature limits the body’s immunity by inhibiting the activity of white blood cells, which gives reduced immunity to disease and increased risk of cancer. 


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Posted on: February 28, 2019

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