Abdominal training – 7 myths about the six-pack


It is true that building abdominal muscles for each of us will look a bit different. After all, genetics, lifestyle, amount of stress or sleep are not without significance. It is worth to be aware, however, that no one has managed to reach the goal without work, exercise and proper diet. Familiarize yourself with the myths that inhibit your progress, see what bothers you and what will help you build your dream abdominal muscles.


  1. You can build ABS without a diet

Here and there, we can meet with the opinion that the diet is not necessary, and a solid dose of regular exercise is enough to build the abdominal muscles. Truth and not true at the same time. Why? Muscles can be, but under the layer of fat, which in fact in addition to improving athletic performance in no way help us, and yet most would like to show off the visual effect of their work. That is why the revolution should start in the kitchen. Without the avoidance of excess salt, processed products and trans fat, using vegetables and healthy products, we can not count on reducing fat on the stomach and uncovering the developed muscles.


  1. Carbohydrates destroy your work

Eating simple sugars can be disastrous due to their rapid decomposition, discharge of insulin and storage of energy in the form of fat. This does not mean that we should completely exclude them from our diet. Carbohydrates are perfect after training, when we want to immediately replenish the stored muscle glycogen stores during exercise.

During the day, choose complex carbohydrates found in whole grains, which will provide a slow and gradual release of energy, without unnecessary spikes in the amount of sugar in the blood that determines the hormonal reaction.


  1. Tummy base of abdominal training

Not once or twice we met with people who performed exorbitant amounts of crunches and … they did not see any effects. It’s time to realize that we can, and even should, build a belly using a variety of exercises. Like any muscle, the abdomen requires differentiation of planes and angles. So, too, we should introduce oblique crunches to the training plan, to pull the knees to the chest, short circuit, use additional loads. Doing one exercise all the time will not bring the desired results.


  1. Supplements will carve the belly

There are products supporting the fight against unnecessary fat tissue, but they support, and do not work for us. Even using caffeine, green tea, hot peppers, pepper, cinnamon and others in your kitchen will not help if you do not follow the diet and training. Each of these things is pushing forward, but it will not do any hard work for you.


  1. Slower reps are better

Each of us knows that slower repetition is increased muscle tension and technical accuracy, but is it always a good solution? Yes and no. The most effective will be combining the possibilities, i.e. using both slow repetitions and faster ones. This will allow you to activate all muscle fibers and improve your development.


  1. You can train your stomach everyday

Many sources indicate that the stomach can be trained daily, but it is not necessarily the right way. Abdominal training should be heavy, and if it is, you need to give them time to regenerate. In the end, the belly also participates in the training of other parts of the body, where it supports individual movements.


  1. Training guarantees muscle visibility

Earlier, it was mentioned that muscle visibility is conditioned by the amount of fat. If it’s a lot, even the best-developed belly will not be visible. The case is different when the muscles are not too much, but the fat does not. Then we can focus on expanding the muscles for a better look. Fat burning, however, is affected not only by the diet, but also by the amount of sleep, cortisol produced, age and the past of our metabolism. It does not mean that everything is lost. Train hard, use the right diet, be patient and consistent – these are the main components of success.

Posted on: October 31, 2018

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