Abdominal obesity – what is it, how it arises and why do you have to fight it?


Although obesity in every case is a phenomenon negatively affecting health and may be one of the causes of many other diseases, it is the abdominal obesity is presented as the most dangerous one.Is it right?Doctors leave no illusions – visceral obesity leads to very serious health consequences and should be treated immediately.The faster you can lose your tummy, the better for your health.But how to fight it?

What is abdominal obesity?

We can observe abdominal obesity at a first glance.This is the accumulation of fat around the waist, which is why we often also call it obesity like an apple.It is associated with the pathological accumulation of fat, but not only the subcutaneous, occurring throughout the body, but much more dangerous, obstructing internal organs.Although abdominal obesity is characteristic (due to the hormonal basis – android obesity) for women, it is more common in men, and the risk of its appearance increases with age.

Interestingly, abdominal obesity can be affected not only by people who are fatigued.Excess dangerous visceral fat also occurs in lean people with spindly limbs and characteristically inflated belly.This is a type of silhouette called skinny-fat, which is dominated by low muscle mass and a large body fat content.These people are often not overweight in the sense that they weigh too much in relation to growth.This does not mean, however, that they should notget rid of this fat.The silhouette of skinny-fat requires recomposition, i.e. gain muscle mass and get rid of fat tissue.Traditional slimming is not recommended.


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Where does abdominal obesity come from?

The basic cause of abdominal obesity is an unhealthy lifestyle.It consists of many factors of eating unhealthy and caloric dishes, high supply of carbohydrates and fats in the diet, stressful work, lack of sleep or lack of regular physical activity.Behavioral factors have a significant impact on abdominal obesity and the lifestyle that is changing today (office work, sitting entertainment, availability of highly processed products) will only deepen this condition.It is worth one look at this from the other side – if so much depends on us, we can get rid of abdominal obesity only by changing habits.Just a bit of willpower.

However, the abdominal obesity may have a different background.Another reason may be genetic factors or hormonal or metabolic diseases (eg Hashimoto).The decrease in testosterone levels in men, which increases with age, also increases the risk of visceral obesity.In women, however, abdominal obesity occurs frequently during menopause.These are very rare cases, but they can not be underestimated.However, it is worth mentioning that it is easy to confuse genetic and environmental factors.The fact that many related people struggle with abdominal obesity is not yet a genetic basis.On the contrary, it often results from typical environmental factors, ie bad habits taken out of the home.These include, for example, a fatty kitchen, eating a lot of sugar, rewarding with sweets, eating junk food, spending free time on less active activities or eating snacks with … boredom.Contrary to appearances, all these behaviors are very popular.

What is the risk of abdominal obesity?

The risks of abdominal obesity are many, and media panic regarding visceral fat is not unfounded.In addition to the fact that this obesity has a negative effect on our appearance, and thus self-esteem, self-confidence or social relations, it has many negative health consequences.Abdominal obesity promotes the development of metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis), hormonal diseases or diabetes.It is one of the factors increasing the risk of a heart attack, which is one of the civilization diseases of the 21st century.

Visceral fat may also cause spinal degeneration (excessive lumbar load) and negatively affect sexual ability.In women, excess visceral fat affects the dysregulation of the menstrual cycle and increases the probability of painful menstruation.This is just the beginning of unpleasant ailments caused by abdominal obesity.

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How to get rid of abdominal obesity?

In the first place, you should revise your own diet.A change in eating habits is necessary because we need to have control over the amount of calories we receive.In order to lose weight, it is necessary to create a caloric deficit, i.e. a state in which the body uses more energy than it takes from food.This difference will be covered by endogenous energy sources, i.e.from visceral fat.

The second step to cure abdominal obesity is the introduction of regular exercises.It’s best to put on 3-4 trainings a week, which will allow us to speed up the metabolism and burn unnecessary fatty tissue.Although resistance training (with weights) and interval training work well, you should not throw yourself into deep water.People with high overweight and poor condition should start with relatively light exercises and cardio sessions, and only over time increase the training load.

The overall lifestyle is also important.The reduction of stressful situations is a big factor (eg solving the problems that have been burdened for many weeks, changing work, explaining conflicts, etc.) and ensuring adequate sleep length (about 7-8 hours a day).


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